I'm Getting a Moped Instead

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Jul 27, 2008
I really don't understand why anyone would mess around with one of these bike motors when they can spend a few more dollars and get a moped.

Bikes aren't built for these motors; mopeds are built from the ground up for their motors.

What's the point?


Walter F.

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Jun 4, 2008
The point is Elevendy Billion Chinese motorized bicycle riders. How much is "a few more dollars" to you? Happy Trails anyway Walter F


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
There are a couple of nice moped forums for people who think your way. I expect you will find them more to your liking. That is not an insult or a put down. It's more that the people on this forum are people who like to stand out and be different. It isn't just about the cheap transportation for me.

Heck someone offered to trade me a 50cc moped for my chainsaw bike yesterday and I said no. I have an attachment to my bikes that you don't get with something you buy.

It's just a different mindset and 'Different isn't good or bad different is just different.' That is my dad's saying by the way.


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Aug 29, 2008
Tucson, AZ USA
Where I live you have to licence, register, and insure a Moped. That is an expense I would rather avoid. Besides with the motorized bikes you have endless oportunities to tweak and personalize your ride. In short: It's a hobby.


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte NC
I agree, go ahead and get a moped. It is a ready made solution to all of the issues that builders face. It is pre tuned, no run in and it comes with very specific directions. It is perfect for anyone who has no vision or ambition. Enjoy your idiotmobile.


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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I dunno, I like the feeling I get when I hop on either of my bikes and the sense of accomplishment of being able to tell people that I built it.

If I got a moped I'd have to tweak it and make it mine... So I might as well stick with the cheaper option and build motorized bikes.

I have about $300 wrapped up in my bike... Probably will spend another $100 or so, so for about $400 I'll have a full built custom motorized bike. If I were to start with a moped I'd only be able to get a junk tomos or puch from 1980 and I'd spend as much time fixing that as i would riding it. In the end money-wise for something new I'm happy to have what I have.

I like vintage mopeds but these bikes fit my personality better.


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Sep 26, 2008
I'm a 2 wheeled vehicle fanatic I'll pro'lly get a moped too. But 1st I gotta build another motor bike, 4 stroke this time (maybe), and maybe another, then I've been wantin' to build a small displacement vintage race bike, I gotta replace the motorcycle (BMW GS1100) I sold this summer to help keep my wife in school (think I'll get the 1100S this time) and Oh wait I've always wanted a dirt bike to play around on.

You know it's funny, bicycle enthusiests are pretty mixed about us; I can understand that as they put a lot more physical effort into their riding and that's why they do it mostly. Motorcyclists are pretty mixed as well, most think they're cool but wouldn't have the cajones to stand apart from their m/cing buddies. But, really, someone who wants to go buy a moped giving us crap? Take a #! If after 72 posts you don't get it, your not gonna!

Oh and by the way, I use to repair scooters and mopeds (something my m/cing buddies gave me crap for). Rarely have I seen a moped w/ more than a couple thousand miles on the clock; they may be less finicky but they have no more longevity. Also they cannot be ridden w/o the motor i.e lotsa places they can't go that I can.

So go get a moped they can be really cool, but compliments to each other, they are completely different!
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Jul 22, 2008
Mopeds are cool. Motorcycles are cooler.
But when you ride,is the gas mileage and your destination more important than the sheer fun you are having maxing out your moped in front of a semi on your tail?
I like mopeds. Maybe some day I'll get one.
But a motorized bicycle is literally the fountain of youth.
I feel 14 again when I ride and not pedal so much.
I can take things slow. Forget the rat race.
This is about enjoying the scenery more than if your on a regular bicycle because most of your fun is in getting a pedal rhythm going so much that you don't see that the guy passing you said "hi" to you.
To me a moped is more transportation and gas savings than fun. Then when wintertime hits it goes and stays in the garage. Riding season is over.
Not me.
I just built me a trike.
Oh yea.
And when it comes to man laws,
Hands down.
Hands down.


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Oct 18, 2008
Ive already got 2 legs, 2 cars, and more bicycles (and parts) than I can count.

If I really need to get somewhere, I can choose from any of the above.

Motorized bikes are just a fun little hobby. It's the adult realization of every kid's dream that they could stick an engine on a bicycle.

Mopeds are for kids who arent old enough for a license or adults who have lost their license and need it to shop for groceries. Even hip city dwellers get the retro scooters instead.

If your gonna go the moped route, skip the moped, and get a real motorcycle.


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Jan 15, 2008
mopeds are like fat girls, there both fun to ride but you dont want to let your friends catch you on either.
Well put Hill Climber. LOL
Ric, It's your preference but for me I wouldn't get a moped I'd spend a little more and get a Vespa. The best thing about a MB is you can ride on the bicycle trails and not get hassled. However take your on a moped out on the trails, I'm 99% sure you'll get a ticket or worst.
Best of all I love the fact you don't have to register your motored bike.
Good luck and have fun with your moped when you get one.


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Aug 2, 2008
I understand your point of view, and I respect you for that. Motorized bike owners are a special rare breed. You need to be someone who enjoys tinkering with his hobby toy, which is what it is to many of us. In Hawaii, I've just seen one other MBer, and he was pedalling with engine off. People are in such a rush, but 99.9% will not think out of the box to find a solution to driving their thirsty SUV'S for trips about town.

Hawaii is the moped capital of America. They're everywhere at all times of night and day. I'd like to buy a moped because you can get a good deal on new and used ones, and they can be modified to go fast. Sadly, they get stolen a lot and quite a few get into accidents, sometimes fatal. Of course, mopeds are banned from sidewalks, bikepaths and bikelanes, which are my safe havens when I don't feel like mixing it up with overly stressed commuters.

Look Mom, no registration or insurance.

Go get your moped.:bike2:
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old motorbike

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Sep 21, 2008
I'm new to m-biking and my natural instinct is to tinker. I just wanted to find a way to put a motor on an old bike I had sitting around. I didn't realize the world it would open up. I have a truck that I don't like to use much for economy reasons and a great motorcycle that I use everyday. I'm very poor, but love improving this motorbike as finances dictate and my motorcycle.
I considered a motor scooter but a moped can't carry much (groceries, etc.)
I'm still looking to buy a used motorscooter a friend wants to sell for cheap.
It's a very good point about the moped, but I guess I'm doomed to be different and tinker.
Jul 22, 2008
What's funny is that I actually would feel safer on a motorized bicycle than a scooter. I would also feel safer on a motorcycle than on a scooter.
Scooters have that one true disadvantage that you cannot ride on the bike trails or sidewalks where you are safe from the 2 ton and more drivers of death cars,trucks and semi's. And no way are you fast enough for them.
I mean even if you have a 110 cc powered scooter than can go 45 mph without breathing hard that's still only 3rd gear on a manual car. And when your top speed is only 35 it gets even worst.
Motorized bicycles can go 15 mph all day. Cars see a bicycle and will pass you,not tailgate you if you are on a scooter.
Then on the flip side,a motorcycle is as fast if not faster than a car so having a 2 ton car tailgating you would be a rarity.
So bottom line,scooters are more dangerous than motorized bicycles and motorcycles and you don't want to be caught riding one.


Jul 17, 2008
I like the fact that these engine kits give us the speed and power of a regular moped but we still have a lighter weight and simple construction advantage. I used to ride a moped, had to license and insure it as well but there is no way I could carry it up the stairs to my apartment. I would never be allowed to ride it on bike trails here in the redwoods either.

These engine kits are cheap and not perfect but with some effort they can be all that we need them to be. True that we have to do some custimization to make them work and look good on our bikes but that is theraputic when we finally achieve success.

I don't know about other people here but personally I have more respect and appreciation of my bike now that I worked hard to make it what it is and do what it does.

Gee Large, some mighty big fonts you have there. :)


May 25, 2008
HoughMade, That is one beautiful MB! forgive my ignorence. What is the plunger device? I was thinking of getting that gear box, is the noise very harsh?
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