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  • Fleabay! :) re: "So & So" Motorbikes, I don't get it???
    I was searching EBay for "custom motorcycles". There are few motorized bicycles listed as "antique motorcycle replicas". Some are were well done, with frame modifications and custom fuel tanks. One was nothing more than than a beach cruiser with a motor kit. Its always "Buyer Beware" on EBay.
    Looks like my job is sending me to Dallas for 10 days in April. Where are you? My moms in Georgetown , Austin and sister is in Salado. I'm goning to be really bored on this trip could use some hang'n out and bike talk R&R.
    post some bigger pictures of your bike. I love the 66cc 2 stroke kits nice and narrow and usually mount easily.
    I have a 49cc, 2 stroke China motor. You can get them from site advertisers or EBay. It bolted on to my bike easily.
    I see you have an in-frame engine. Looks good in the small picture. What kit did you get and what size engine is it?
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