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  • Okay so its going to cost me $60 to get a $2.50 spark plug posted with SBP? Reckon you can just chuck one in a envelope and just send it over here? Seriously haha
    Pablo, I have read a number of your posts on this forum and I'm not sure if you ride a MB anymore. I live across the valley in Woodinville and would like to join up with some other MB builders/owners sometime that live in the surrounding area for a ride. Do you know of any? Also, in the ongoing effort of improving my MB I have developed a bright LED light system that runs off the engine alternator white wire. I have only been able to run it on my bike because I don't know of any other owners that may be interested in trying my design on their bikes. I could make units I have built available on this forum but I had rather find a local enthusiast to work with personally. I look forward to hearing from you and maybe meeting you some day. Thanks, D Barthels - (LEDHead)
    Pablo I send a message about the shipping charge to Puerto Rico. I have some items in my shopping cart waiting for your response.
    I saw your link to Amsoil. Which one do u recommend for a 80cc skyhawk with a piratecycles high comp. head and a CNS carb? I'm just finishing break-in. What ratio do u recommend?
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