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  • I would like to buy a set of the Hookworm tires you have on sale. How do I go about that, Bob.
    Hi , I am new to this forum but I have a
    Huffy 29er, with a 66cc china engine and thinking about getting
    The jaguar CDI and ignition coil.
    Anyone know about this or shld I not add
    To my bike.
    Thanks for any help
    Dude, I think your best guy to ask here. What is a good maybe the best if I can afford it , 410 chain to run . Tired of the growing 415 on leftside of the shift kit .
    I like the new 4 stroke mount you made. Would you make me one? If so, how much? I have a Felt Red Baron, and harbor freight 79cc motor.
    Hey Norm I just want to say thanks For the quick ship on the kit I bought from you a couple weeks ago. Runs good and the kid is happy! ( next business over from the shop he saw mine and wanted one bad. ) thanks again and see you Saturday !
    Hey norm thanks for the advice on how my friend n i could improve on our bikes.manny guy withe the tall 29er bike
    happy Thanksgiving norm you never sent me the stickers ,you should have the information but it's not let me know white this time I don't need black ,please kind sir .
    I sent it to your other e-mail but here it is. Please can I have pair of both black and white . I got a black and blue bikes . I sure appreciate your kindness norm . my address is : Dan Buchanan 3100 Woodson road apartment 16 Saint Louis Missouri 63114 - 4711 thank you again.check your business email your shop email I sent you pictures of all my bills lately .but blue is my favorite that's the 2012 "Huffydavidson"
    What's up bro, any chance I could talk you out of a pair of your kool stickers ? I could send you a e-mail at your shop with my adress . Please let me know kind sir .
    Are you familiar with the Genesis Onyx ? Specifically, I want to put a girder, or springer front end on it. It's 1 1/8 threadless.

    hey man so I found a complete worksman for $40 on the boardwalk I had to jump on it haha anyhow I know you do fabrication so i wanted to ask how much you'd charge me to weld a drop loop and also a gas tank i plan on cutting it out so its ready to weld anyhow thanx for your help cheers
    Hi Norm, Should get parts back from anodize tomorrow and will send out friday. Thanks, Ken
    Norm,I am located in zip 02191. What will the total cost be?
    Will the wheel accept a 2.125 tire? What ga. spokes?

    Thank you
    Jim English
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