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  • Hi Hough:
    Real good job Hough. What kind of gearbox/clutch unit is that? I don't know what gearbox to get for my GXH 50 4-stroke engine. Are you happy with yours? At what rpm does the clutch engage and what is your top speed?
    Thanks! I made it myself. I made a frame, skeleton, whatever you call it, our of 1/4" foam board, then covered it with fleece and fiberglass resin. If I did it again, i would use fiberglass cloth rather than fleece because the fleece ended up wit a texture that took many, many coats of resin and filling. I think fiberglass cloth would be smoother and stronger. The tank just covers the original steel tank and is bonded to it.

    James "Houghmade" Hough
    HI Hough,
    Great bike, this one and another are the reason that I am starting in this hobby. I had a question about the tank, did you do it yourself and if so any fabrication tips?
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