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Santa Cruz Scooter Works, from Nor*Cal

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Nov 29, 2018
    1. culvercityclassic
      I did cut and heat the spring. I think it was rated at 750lbs, it was too stiff
    2. SpeedWizzard
      sorry not to come off as demanding but I need to know soon because I want to go ahead and mount my morini on something else otherwise, does he have a spare boXer frame lying around or would he ven possibly consider building a roller?
    3. SpeedWizzard
    4. SpeedWizzard
      Thanks, appreciate it.
    5. SpeedWizzard
      I don't mean to push but is there any chance he would consider making one more?...
    6. SpeedWizzard
      that sucks, do you know any reason why?
    7. SpeedWizzard
      Hi, I was wondering, how much would a complete boxer setup for a Morini S-6C? I already have the engine but was wondering how much you would charge. And do you know how much it woud cost for shipping ot Perth, Western Australia.
    8. mrrjr1976
      hello Easy Rider where can i get one of those boxer bikes
    9. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      :)Happy New Year and best wishes.
    10. bbeza24
      hey i need help and saw that you were from nor cal im am also central valley...but im want to pick this up as a hobbie and had a simple question should i start with a two stroke or four i dnt have no mechanics history but i think this will be a great way to learn thanx and im confused with a two stroke fuel with the oil and all also two stroke looks a little easier to start with.
    11. FarRider
      Thanks EZ, my air cooled S6-S has been sitting on a shelf for months now, its taunting me-
      "well, I'm here (in an Italian girls accent) Whata ya gonna do now big boy" kinda way...
      The wife's gonna scream, but screw it, Im stepping out with the hot Italian chick...lol
      I need a full frame kit, fork options, rear shock options if any.
      Id also like to see if its possible to get a longer swing arm for it.
      I got a new set of Aero Spoke disc wheels, XTR Bottom bracket cartridge, custom made 180mm crank arms and a 52 tooth Kings Gears front chain ring, a Kicker mini sporty style gas tank.
      I have a connection with a stainless steel fabricator for a pipe and EXP. chamber...I've got like 90% of the parts but no frame worth hanging them on.

      I've been collecting and trading for part for this one for a year now
      This one gets only the good stuff.
      If you have the manufacturers ear can you hook a brother up?
    12. Jumpa
      I am in dire need of the puck plates Do you still have them available? If so do you take pay pal sir?
    13. SkiBikeGuy
      How can I see a big version of your profile pic. That bike looks awesome.
    14. Easy Rider
      Easy Rider
      You can only get them at Pipelyne. Dean had these custom made for the BoXer Bikes! Here's his # (408)279-2307
    15. Mr D
      Mr D
      hello easy rider! Where can a guy get one of those rear disk hubs you posted about. My googging (sp?) was not informative. Any info will help. email direct if you like. [email protected]
    16. Easy Rider
      Easy Rider
      Hi Josh, The motor I use is a Morini and you can get them in the US. They are more expensive than a Chinese HT motor but well worth it. The motor is faster and will last a lot longer. Pipelyne sells them with a tank,pipe and mounts. (408) 279-2307
    17. joshdt96
      Hi, my name is Josh. I had a question I was hoping you would answer. What is the name of the motor you used on you bicycle, and would it be possible for me to buy one considering that I live in the United States.
    18. Easy Rider
      Easy Rider
      That would be tough Robin because of the piviot point of the rear swing arm. I think adding a gear box might work but you would need to convert the frame.
    19. robin
      on my morini from dean at pipelyne is it possible by making a jack shaft and transfer power to the other side--weld a derailler hanger then convert it to a 6 speed -- like have the drive chain go horizontal instead of up into the frame like the pedal chain now is. Do you need a gear box or i assume it already reduces one to four in the engine with the 5.8 hp. do i have to lock out the rear suspension to do this ? Will i gain anything or does the jackshaft loose too much power ?
      Thanks for advice --Robin
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