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  • I'm riding a Diamondback with a center-framed Tanaka 47R engine, hooked up to the bike's 8-speed cassette. I ride it to work about twice weekly, 12-mile round trip. Takes me 20-25 minutes to reach work, stopping @ all the lights. Been riding about 8 years. First bike had electric hub, weighed 135lbs with batteries. 27mph/50-mile range. Your tire is HUGE! Mine's are 2.35 x 26 Schwalbe. Building another bike, will use 3" motorcycle tires.
    A target magma cruiser, 66cc black piston, arrow torquer exhaust, couple misc upgrades like air filter. You might have seen me rollin it around. I get tons of people saying they see me. I was thinking about getting a mongoose beast and make it electric. Not sure how well a hub motor would work with 4.5" wide tires though. What do you ride?
    Good to hear that one holds up to it. I just installed the center style one. I like it. I don't think it's quite as heavy duty as it's made out to be, but it works for the roller drive.
    What kind of shifting problems? That was my worst issue.
    I'm in California right now, be back August 21st.
    If it was earlier this week, about 5-something pm that was me. I got pulled over by State Sheriff, who gave me a break and told me not to use my engine anymore. Now I don't ride on Ala Moana or Nimitz.
    Try gearing it for 7,000rpm. It might have to be trial-and-error, and 7,000rpm is a good start. Use the gear-ratio calculator on this forum to help you calculate which sprockets to use.
    Is this friction, chain or belt drive?
    Hey I have a small pocket bike motor. Should be an
    49cc motor However I need to know the RPM to calulate the final rear wheel speed. Can some one help me with finding this? It does not have a reducer or any trans?zpt
    are you from hawaii? i'm new to this MB thing. got my first kit a couple of days ago. was wondering if there was a dealer out here?
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