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    1. 5-7HEAVEN
      I'm riding a Diamondback with a center-framed Tanaka 47R engine, hooked up to the bike's 8-speed cassette. I ride it to work about twice weekly, 12-mile round trip. Takes me 20-25 minutes to reach work, stopping @ all the lights. Been riding about 8 years. First bike had electric hub, weighed 135lbs with batteries. 27mph/50-mile range. Your tire is HUGE! Mine's are 2.35 x 26 Schwalbe. Building another bike, will use 3" motorcycle tires.
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    2. LAguyyy
      A target magma cruiser, 66cc black piston, arrow torquer exhaust, couple misc upgrades like air filter. You might have seen me rollin it around. I get tons of people saying they see me. I was thinking about getting a mongoose beast and make it electric. Not sure how well a hub motor would work with 4.5" wide tires though. What do you ride?
    3. LAguyyy
      New build by pearl harbor, what's up
    4. 5-7HEAVEN
      The one I bought isn't recommended for e-bikes or MB;s. I like the style, so I'm gonna try it.
    5. happycheapskate
      Good to hear that one holds up to it. I just installed the center style one. I like it. I don't think it's quite as heavy duty as it's made out to be, but it works for the roller drive.
    6. happycheapskate
      [IMG] Velo Orange sells this badass kickstand for $25. It came with the long bolt and top plate, too.
    7. 5-7HEAVEN
      What kind of shifting problems? That was my worst issue.
      I'm in California right now, be back August 21st.
    8. OrangeBrian
      Actually No i kninda having shifting problems with my motor. I heed some help.
    9. OrangeBrian
      Aloha? Pm me Bud!
    10. 5-7HEAVEN
      Are you riding your motorized bike?
    11. 5-7HEAVEN
      That was under the viaduct, right?
    12. 5-7HEAVEN
      If it was earlier this week, about 5-something pm that was me. I got pulled over by State Sheriff, who gave me a break and told me not to use my engine anymore. Now I don't ride on Ala Moana or Nimitz.
    13. OrangeBrian
      Hay i saw a guy with a 4 stroker got pulled over in Nimitz.
    14. 5-7HEAVEN
      Try gearing it for 7,000rpm. It might have to be trial-and-error, and 7,000rpm is a good start. Use the gear-ratio calculator on this forum to help you calculate which sprockets to use.
      Is this friction, chain or belt drive?
    15. brad
      Hey I have a small pocket bike motor. Should be an
      49cc motor However I need to know the RPM to calulate the final rear wheel speed. Can some one help me with finding this? It does not have a reducer or any trans?zpt
    16. 5-7HEAVEN
      My pleasure, friend!
    17. Dave31
      Thank You for being my friend, have a great day!
    18. 5-7HEAVEN
      Yes, I'm from Hawaii. No dealer here, but post a message on craigslist.org in Hawaii. Are you on Oahu?
    19. ChrisS
      are you from hawaii? i'm new to this MB thing. got my first kit a couple of days ago. was wondering if there was a dealer out here?
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    Honolulu HI, where EVERY day is fit to ride!xct2