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  • Hello,

    Came across your post about a Trek 3700 you were building that had a SBP Shift Kit. I had a question about the actual shaft used in the build. Did you use a different shaft or modify it? I noticed a different locking end to it, then using the key that came with the shaft. Here is a link to your picture with it circled. I too have the SBP Shift kit and its awesome only trouble I am having is the right side small sprocket keeps loosing up a little on the shaft. Nice build....

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    Hi Tyrslider
    Terry here I would like to take the 3 max torque clutches for the pulley drive and the HS engine if it is a 5/8 shaft please send me a paypal invoice to [email protected] my home phone number is 604 543 9010 shipping to
    Terrance Blow
    1685 H Street
    Blaine, WA 98230
    Tel: 360-332-7678
    Thank you
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