spark plug
  1. johngreen

    New member+Bike Questions

    hey! new member here, not new to biking, sorta new to these motors but they're pretty self explanatory. As of my problem i havent done a ton of investigation which i probably should have done before consulting all of you fine folks. Problem: i have a nice running (usually) 80cc bike i am...
  2. Phammann

    Will spark plug ngl bp4hs work on a 80cc moter kit and the old plug was a ac

    Will spark plug ngl bp4hs work on a 80cc moter kit and the old plug was a z4c I went to my local shop but all they had was a BP4HS NGK it says is a substitute is b5hs but I read the specs and everything is the same except the heat with the still work
  3. C

    49cc 4 stroke engine wont start... what do I need to do?

    I have a few questions as well, i'm very new to all this and have very little mechanical experience. 6 months ago the engine died on me all the sudden and would start back up when I would try. Since then, I gave up on the bike itself until this week since I'm wanting to get it fixed again...
  4. 4

    Good?Bad?Lean?Just right?Need bigger Jet?

    Spark plug reading?what does this reading mean?jet number #75 just installed? Plug and jet just installed took it for a ride down the road gave it some small revs riding Low and mid good,Smooth but at top end it acts little weird..ima say like poping but not really loud its from exhaust,Like...
  5. J

    Engine won’t idle and stops with clutch disengaged

    Problem-first start** -engine won’t idle but runs with 1/2 accelerator with clutch engaged - soon as clutch is disengaged while riding the engine sort of stalls an accelerating does nothing - the engine sounds like it is either starving or flooding maybe ? Things to consider ? -Bike came...
  6. J

    I've done everything and still no start

    I got a 2 stroke, 80cc kit a couple weeks ago and built it in a day or so but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to start it almost everyday and I get nothing. I pedal, get some speed, ease on the throttle and pop the clutch and there is not even the faintest semblance of engine combustion...
  7. O

    Engine not starting, despite good spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  8. C


    Does it matter which way the head faces? I'd like the plug to face the other way.
  9. S

    New resistor cap, is it ok After looking around the site, i saw someone mention that a new boot needs to be a non resistor, and in the title of this boot i just bought it says resistor, do i need to worry?
  10. S

    Ngk plug performed worse?

    I replaced the stock plug that came with my 49cc 2 stroke china motor with a ngk b5(or 6)hs. i noticed that it doesn't not accelerate as quickly nor does it reach a higher rpm. With the stock plug my motor reached around 2900 but with the ngk it stop at 2400.
  11. R

    No spark no start

    Hey there. I have an 80/66 cc 2 stroke engine with a no spark problem. I have replaced my magneto and spark plug and even got an hd lightning cdi. Still no spark. Gap is at .025 on spark plug. Readings on ohm meter are consistent with a good ignition system. Im stumped and a little outside help...
  12. ezrider

    Champion Plugs

    Heard some good reviews of the Champion CJ7Y low profile spark plug. Thinking of getting a Champion EZ Start Spark Plug replacement. Should I be worried that some of these brand name plugs maybe too hot for a 2 stroke ??
  13. TheNecromancer13

    Spark plug wont fire in cylinder

    So my spark plug fires just fine when I hold it against something, but when I try to get it to fire in the cylinder it wont fire no matter what I do to it. Any ideas? The engine is a grubee skyhawk raw racer 66cc and I assembled it last night and now can't get it to start cause of this.
  14. S

    No spark. CDI?

    While on a cruise on my motorized bike the other day, it just bogged out and stopped running. since then it has not started. I can peddle it, release the clutch and the engine with turn over but will immediately die (i assume because there is no spark). I have since tested the spark by holding...
  15. C

    How do You break in your ht motor?

    When I was young 13 I built a kings on a Shwinn n did it by instruction manual. Switched to 50:1 when it was 4 tanks down and used some mc pre that claimed 100:1 for most high end Japanese 2 strokes . Got that motor up too 33 on the flat after I ****ed up and drilled 2 holes in my muffler cap...
  16. ballinchestr

    Electrical connections are fine, but spark is weak.

    My kit is new, and the engine's never been run. I wasn't getting spark, so I replaced the stock spark plug with a Champion one. I still didn't see a spark, but this time, I just touched the end of the plug while cranking, and it gave me some good consistent shocks. The only thing is that I...
  17. Zacka

    Engine Not Firing

    Hello fellow community, I own a 2 stroke engine, still in the run in period. I think i may have ran my engine too rich because the spark plug is definitely not sparking but the engine is not seized. i was riding it pretty far and i was going down a hill and it suddenly just bogged out and...
  18. Moisstink

    Replacing Spark Plug Boot and Wire part detail.

    I know I am just missing the post for this, I tried the search but could not find anything exact on info. What I am trying to do is replace the spark plug wire. I found the post on how to remove the old one by digging out the wire from the CDI (for mine which was glued in). So, the point I am...
  19. L

    spark plug

    I am using a kit that sat around in storage for a while. the engine turns over so i left it in intact but i took apart carb and cleaned it. any common problems with engines that have sat that i should be aware of? mine is missing a spark plug. can anybody recommend a replacement? (there...
  20. I

    First build/Newbie questions.

    I've been putting together this bike and I haven't really had any big issues that I couldn't figure out myself or find the solution to online. Until I had to attach the ignition coil to the spark plug. I've seen videos of people doing it and it just seems to pop right in. Am I doing something...