1. B

    Bearing ball stuck

    Hello, I have a problem, my bearing ball got stuck and I can't get it out. What is more the ball is halfway worn out. I have seen old post of this problem but it wasn't very helpful. I thought of wd40 but I am afraid that it will dissolve grease further in the clutch and I won't be able to...
  2. T

    found 2 steal ball bearings in clutch. help

    so I don't remember putting a second ball in and I've taken it apart to clean a phew times.. but I did buy it second hand. anyway my question is should I just leave it in? it's got a phew flat spots. and if I take it out the small bar doesn't stick out far enough.. I'm not sure what to do...
  3. B

    HELP!!pls Squeaking when release clutch

    Hi guys was give engine with some broken piston rings replaced the piston rings put back together tried to start. Started 2 times for a second but had no acceleration checked acceleration cable seems to be fine on the 3rd time I tried to start as I released the clutch it squeals and dose not...
  4. M

    Engine wont rev down properly

    I have a 2-stroke china kit and originally I was able to hit the clutch while holding down the throttle and i could let go and it would rev down quickly and idle, but recently even if im not putting any gas on while moving and hit the clutch it revs super high and loud, and i can make it idle...
  5. L

    Removed Air Filter - Running Too Lean?

    Hey Everyone, I am constantly tinkering with my first build - I can't seem to get it to run quite right. I am running a YD100 engine with an NT carb mounted to a Mongoose dirt bike. I've recently done some modifications but now my bike runs TERRIBLY. Can't even crack 5 mph on flat ground and...
  6. M

    4 stroke bike clutch wears out after less then 10miles!

    Hello everybody, I’ve recently bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine kit for my bike. Everything went well building it, but after my first ride, which was less then 10miles, my clutch completely broke down(I’ll attach pictures). I replaced the clutch with a brand new one, but after taking another ride...
  7. breath_easy13

    Fitting Torque Converter on Vertical Mounted 212cc

    Catching anyone up since my last post. After mounting the 212cc, i found that the COMET torque converter would not fit. The back of the plate butts up against the seat post. Theres no adjusting, flipping the plate, etc that will make it work. So after todays research, here are the options...
  8. F

    Well that's disappointing

    Ordered a few different 2 stroke china girl kits. One from ZedaMotorsports(still waiting on that one), one from eBay that I'm having some good luck with, and one from CaliforniaMotorbikes that I'm having a huge headache over. The clutch pads are already worn out. In fact, I had to tighten the...
  9. R

    1999 Whizzer tension release

    I recently bought a 1999 Whizzer and spent the weekend getting it running, the issue is I don't fully understand the tension release/clutch (the leaver on the left). I am able to start the bike just fine but pulling that lever so that I can set the bike down without it launching off takes a ton...
  10. Samuel Whittle

    Cant get drive chain to move or engine to start.

    I’ve built everything together for the first time and Im confident everything is tight and where it needs to be but I cannot for the life of me get my drive chain to move. The clutch is engaged as Im trying to do so but it makes no difference. Please help
  11. Bigwheelz

    Bt80 clutch help

    My bt80 electric start will not engage to go forward i guess you can say it starts just wont go please help! Is it the clutch?
  12. I

    Clutch problem.

    i have a problem with my clutch slipping when trying to start my bike. It's a relatively new engine and probably shouldn't be doing what it's doing. The clutch does not slip when the bike is running. However when I let go of the clutch lever it will squeak and not grab and turn over the engine...
  13. B

    Finish my first build: 48cc Chinese kit

    Greetings. I'm new to bike building and I finished my bike yesterday. I had some trouble getting it together. The first real problem I ran into was the the front mount didn't rest correctly and was way too high, I managed some jury rigging by cutting the mounting bolts and welding it in once...
  14. B

    Clutch arm completely loose (and other problems during my first build)

    This was a long first time post about not putting in the bucking bar.
  15. Y

    Predator 79CC FRICTION or OTHER motor need help from the pros

    Hello there, I am new to gasoline powered bikes, Years ago i built a Lithium brushless, but got out of it. I just want to cruse on a motorized bike, simply and not get too involved. Speed doesn't matter just a little engine roar, ill be pedaling the whole time as well with it. System must be 4...
  16. Memy1251

    Drive sprocket won’t turn

    So this is my first build, and once it was all together, I found that on disengaging the clutch the bike would not roll but what little slack the chain would allow before the chain would run out of play and snag. I’ve gone through clutch re-set and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning the pad...
  17. O

    Clutch making strange noise while engine is idling [Video]

    Hello everybody, I'm pretty new in this community so please don't blame me too much :D So let's get started with the problems: When i start my engine and i pull in my clutch i start hearing some fast banging noise(not really sure how to call it) coming from the clutch plate side. And when I...
  18. D

    Gear always spins freely

    My bike won't start, and when the clutch is engaged or disengaged the gear ALWAYS spins freely, why is this? And how can i fix it? Urgent matter please help soon
  19. D

    Clutch Operation

    Is there a way of making the clutch/clutch lever operate like a normal motorcycle clutch i.e. pull in to disengage and let out to engage? Thx
  20. M

    Primary reduction and clutch question

    I am looking for a primary drive reduction for the 79cc Predator. I am finding some that have a plate that bolts to the engine around the 5/8" output shaft but do not know which ones are more reliable. Is the Max-Torque clutch the one to get? I am seeing several others, some that are tuneable...