Jul 28, 2019
i have a problem with my clutch slipping when trying to start my bike. It's a relatively new engine and probably shouldn't be doing what it's doing. The clutch does not slip when the bike is running. However when I let go of the clutch lever it will squeak and not grab and turn over the engine. The engine is stock without the high compression head and I run 20:1. I have broken in the engine and it runs great! The flower nut is too tight but to compensate for that I pulled the clutch cable through the clutch arm so that the arm is closer to the inside of the engine. I refuse to let it out a little bit because then it would change the way the lever feels and when the clutch grabs dependent on the lever position. If that happened I'd stall the bike a bunch and would have to get used to the fix. My clutch pads look okay so I'm just wondering what should I do.