1. U

    Help finding square CDI for Honda 50 Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke

    I've been searching for the parts to remove the Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke Rev limiter (some call it a governor I believe erroneously). The process to do this is detailed in a few threads here. One from a long time ago that I cant find and a more recent one called something like Ungovern Huasheng...
  2. W

    [80cc] Pops and Bangs?

    Hello. This is my first post on this site so any help would be great! I am looking to get more pops and bangs out of my motor just for fun. I have done a little research, and what looks like the only way to get them is to change the timing on an adjustable CDI, which no one sells. The only...
  3. C

    Ignition issue

    Hey guys I have a 2 month old skyhawk engine. I use a mikuni carb, expansion chamber, 36t sprocket, supercharge cdi and a few other minor mods. I recently shaved some of the head to raise compression, and ended up raising it by about 30psi. Since then, my motor has become a bit more difficult...
  4. A

    How does the CDI know when to fire spark?

    This is more of an engineering question, but I am curious, given that the CDI only takes in two wires (for what I assume is positive and neutral), how does it know when the piston is located to fire a spark?
  5. THowell1975

    Magneto coil keeps burning out

    I have searched this forum and haven't found an answer for this one. I have a problem with my magneto. It keeps burning out. The wires coming out the side of the plastic and are soldered to the base burn up. I've tried to resolder them and they may work for a couple of miles and then burn up...
  6. D

    HELP! WIRING in a YZ80 CDI ignition to my 66cc china

    Ok, new here. HI. Now. I stole an ignition box (early 80s yz80 box???) and how do I describe them... two little dangly things that look like coils (but there's two of them and narrower than our coils, no provision for a plug wire to exit) off my brothers YZ80 frame that was laying behind the...
  7. I

    no spark after getting wet

    this is my first post. Purchased motorbike for a 100 last night. the guy did not seem very trustworty . this is the story he told me. He said he bought this bike 9 months ago in Seattle, because he lost his driving privileges due to dui. It was riding fine and all that, then when he was...
  8. Paddy

    China dolphin harbour a80 (62cc) CDI REPLACEMENT

    Hi guys, having trouble with my engine its a china dolphin harbour a80 (62cc). I have ruled any other causes and found the problem to be the CDI. Anybody know any good replacements and what price range im looking at? Thanks!
  9. S

    No spark. CDI?

    While on a cruise on my motorized bike the other day, it just bogged out and stopped running. since then it has not started. I can peddle it, release the clutch and the engine with turn over but will immediately die (i assume because there is no spark). I have since tested the spark by holding...
  10. ballinchestr

    Electrical connections are fine, but spark is weak.

    My kit is new, and the engine's never been run. I wasn't getting spark, so I replaced the stock spark plug with a Champion one. I still didn't see a spark, but this time, I just touched the end of the plug while cranking, and it gave me some good consistent shocks. The only thing is that I...
  11. J

    No spark, need help

    I am in the process of transferring my motor from one bike to another. I got everything set up, but i had no spark. I used a multimeter to test the ohms for the cdi and the magneto. The magneto was perfect, but the cdi was giving an infinite reading on all of the wires. So I ordered a new...
  12. R

    no spark after 5min of rideing

    hi so this week put my motor on a new frame i put a new pipe and a 36t sproket and new head gasket so this moring on my way to school i got about 5min from my house and the bike stared to warm up lol it still -6 outside her so one it warmed up it just died pulled the plug and am geting no spark...
  13. W

    CDI Shootout: Russian vs. Chinese

    We are going to compare the performance of the Russian design, from the 'Roll your own CDI' thread to the Chinese design, from the 'Reverse engineer the Chinese CDI ' thread. Also we have built the Jag modified CDI, and will do some testing on that as well. Russian CDI: Chinese CDI...
  14. W

    CDI Interference

    I upgraded my CDI to a Jaguar CDI, and it smoothed out the vibration quite a bit as well as providing better performance. The problem that I am having is that since putting it in I am not able to use my spedometer (neither wired or wireless) when the engine is running as it throws the spedo...
  15. M

    pull starter

    How does a pull starter work? What happens once it turns on the engine?usflg
  16. J

    Grubee 66cc magneto ignition winding output voltage?

    Howzitgoin' eh! I'm just getting my 66cc China Girl together, and have a used CDI unit I want to use. I have tested the magneto with an ohmmeter and it appears good (330 ohms). Rotor magnet is strong too. I'm using a variable autotransformer (variable voltage AC supply) to test the CDI...
  17. D

    BAD CDI?? Help please<<==

    I have an 80cc 2-stroke beach cruiser. So I checked my CDI with a Voltmeter and im getting a reading of 7.7 at 20k ohms.. I read that it should be at 2.3 new. does this mean my cdi ignition is bad?... I was riding it up a slight hill at full speed, and when i slowed down and pulled in the...
  18. M

    Issues that only a pro can help me with, spark issues help!

    Hello guys, i am fairly new to posting on this forum, i just bought a new kit from *that's right you guessed when you saw the title...* BoyGoFast on ebay, it got to my door in 6 days, i also ordered there occ chopper mount and welded it to my schwinn occ rather than u-clamping it..., mounted the...
  19. Y

    bad cdi? maybe water is to blame....

    i went for a ride in the snow at a park w/ a baseball field, and did some mx-style turns and roosing, tons of fun! power wasn't quite there, i noticed. i was riding around for a while, my bike was caked in snow, and about a block away from home the engine quits. there is fuel in the tank, i try...
  20. O

    Bike wont start, help?

    Hey so i'm new to the site. I read a few other threads with similar problems but a lot of the lingo I don't understand. So heres the problem: I rode it (80cc kit) home last night, no problems. Left it in the garage over night and now today, it wont start. I was thinking that that black wire from...