vintage looking build complete!


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Jun 18, 2011
Portland, ME

last night, first photo of me on the bike!

Long time since i've been on here guys! got a heavy-photo post for you to get you all caught up. so this is my second build, which went through a few changes along the way as you'll see.

-finally running the pirate cycles sprocket adapter w/ 40 tooth and shimano coaster brake rim. (worth every penny! plus they always send me candy!)

-tried to create interesting PVC gas tanks, but ultimately they could not hold up to the vibration of the 2-stroke.

-also tried to run a fun little copper coil, but due to the space available and the not-so-perfect connections, i gave up on that idea as well.

-i did successfully build a wonderful bright LED headlight using an old KC jeep light. that was great on the bike for the first week, but due to vibration the bolt holding it on snapped while in motion. the light flew about 15 feet after hitting the front tire, and the glass shattered impressively. BUT light still works perfectly! so i'll just need to come up with a more secure way to hold it on the bike/find replacement glass for it. eventually.

-the drop kick-stand came in and out of the picture due to incompatibility with the frame and trying to mount it effectively. eventually figured out a way to keep it on there securely, on the outside of the rear wheel nuts.

-tried to run both of the brown tires, but due to them being a little wider the rear wheel didn't leave safe room for the chain/seat springs. besides, i prefer it with this half/half look!

-hit 100miles on the frame yesterday!!
(the engine is from my first build)

-oh, and complete with an ace of spades PBR cap on gastank!

still in the works:

-muffler upgrade (probably the SBP expansion)
-small deer antlers will be mounted on the center of the handlebars
-naming the bike/creating stencil for gas tank
-still need to officially weigh the bike; in the 65lb range i think?!
-potential of fenders? (maybe wooden?)

photo-op; still no name for 'er yet

frame, the Nirve B-1. flipped bars (really cool, but not practical!)

no snow, time to start painting on the porch

cold out? no problemish?

color theme coming to fruition

looking good with the rims on

rolling chassis, finally!

PVC tanks; great idea, bad application

copper fuel line, pretty, but ended up being impractical

creating an LED headlight out of an old KC Jeep lamp

voila; 30 LEDs with internal 9.6v battery

final stages, almost there!

first run; air intake / fuel line issues off the bat

first daytime run, four miles and the right side tank broke off

waiting for the REAL tank, decide to swap front tire for aesthetics

1974 honda dirt bike gastank. plastic!!

current state, before the drop kick stand and small paint accents

where she sits while i'm at work

getting some lunch, after the headlight broke off

my tattoo artist (Watson Atkinson) checking out the bike

where she sleeps at night (fun times living on a second floor...)

Nirve B1 beach cruiser frame (american steel/welding!)
schwinn (actually it might not be?) springer fork
huskey bicycles steel front rim, 10g ss spokes w/ sturmy drum brake
pirate cycles steel rear rim, 12g ss spokes w/ shimano coaster brake
pirate cycles sprocket adapter, w/ 40tooth sprocket
pirate cycles solid steel lay-back post
RBR leather spring/pin style replica seat
SW analog speed/odometer
jag-wire high-quality brake/clutch cables (woven gold color!)
1974 plastic honda 100? dirtbike gas tank (1.25 gallon)
random old 10-speed steel pedals
steel drop kick stand (from i don't remember)
leather tool bag (also, don't remember)
cheap steel handlebars w/ 3" drop
black aluminum/rubber grips from china
unknown brand "china girl" 66cc (ebay/"daemon bikes"?)
CNS ("delorto-clone") carb with custom angled manifold
complete bolt upgrades on engine (SBP's)
custom gaskets (high grade automotive gasket material)


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Aug 12, 2011
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Awesome looking bike bro... how about calling her ....... umm .... "the copper party hopper"
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Oct 29, 2011
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The heavy carbide headlamps I've got fitted to some of my old bicycles have a sprung parallelogram linkage to help them survive the bumps and bangs of an uneven road surface. The same type of mounting might be useful for your headlamp.

Cool bike by the way, love that seat. :D
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