board track
  1. RocketJ

    Let's build a V twin engine

    Gents, It's time to discuss the elephant in the room: v twins! For years, this forum has been asking about the ability to use a v twin in a frame and this summer I plan on making that a reality. Several months ago I saw a v twin air compressor pump and wondered if it was possible to convert one...
  2. RocketJ

    [Capital region, NY] I need help welding my rear end

    I'm in the middle of building an indian powerplus replica and I need to put a pivot in the rear end. I pretty much just need some small tubing welded to it, but I currently don't have a worker welder. Is anyone near the Albany area that could help me?
  3. RocketJ

    Got a few new parts for my indian powerplus project

    I'm close to starting my new project; a custom version of an indian powerplus
  4. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel?

    I've always been facinated by Joe Merkel's Motor wheel design. I've studied the patents, but it's still difficult to udnerstand how a hub based engine works with a coaster wheel. I found this restoration build, but still no dice. Anyone have an idea? I'd love to give this a try with a more...
  5. T

    Silver State Cycles = Scam!

    Today marks two years since I shipped my Honda XR80 motor and exhaust off to Scott at Silver State Cycles in Las Vegas. At the time, I was excited to be building a high quality, custom board track racer equipped with a MT Honda XR80 motor and high quality custom wheel set. The plan was to have...
  6. olsmokeybeard

    vintage looking build complete!

    SHORT YOUTUBE VIDEO! last night, first photo of me on the bike! Long time since i've been on here guys! got a heavy-photo post for you to get you all caught up. so this is my second build, which went through a few changes along the way as you'll see. -finally running the pirate cycles...
  7. E

    Motorized Bicycles in the News

    Hi everyone, I just wrote an article on Patrick Dolan, a resident of Gilroy, CA who has started a motorized bicycle company called Sportsman Flyer. He's leaning towards the old board track look, and the article discusses that as well as other elements of the hobby. If you're interested...