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  • I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Don't worry I've lived with it for many years now, it's just that I have relapses with it from time to time and now I'm older I don't recover quite as quickly as I would when I was younger.
    I want to settle up with you so give me a number monetarily So I can pay you for that transaction we made and i can feel whole again .

    I told you someone broke into my she right and stole all my **** including the carb etc my motor EXtr one I had for parts 5 gallons of gas and a bunch of tools and **** I set up a booby trap now .. if someone opens the storage door now they are gonna have a big surprize
    Hey Rick,
    I'm hanging in there...
    Crap, they changed the message thingy around...
    Yah, wx getting better, got the boys working on the garden, getting ready to plant.
    You want some more seed?
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