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  • Hello, While researching velocars, I came across a thread you posted some time ago about the subject. I then noticed your avatar image you use for the forum. I was quite surprised to see the image of my wife in my cyclecar being used by yourself. Although very flattering, my wife and I would prefer it to not be used. It was an image taken for a calendar printed by Many thanks. Tim Gunn.
    Hello, I found your thread . Very interesting! I was typing it into "Word", but I can't make out the units on pages (they are small and hard to read). Pages 25, 27, 28, 29, 33 and 35 have edges that are cut off or otherwise difficult to read. It's hard for me to guess what is there, as I can understand only a little French. I wondered if you could scan and upload them in "png" format, which is a higher quality format than "jpg". It would be fantastic if you could post all the pages again: the text on the diagrams is small and hard to read, and would be better in a higher quality image. I want to complete typing the French version, then type an English version (with the help of Google translate and a dictionary), both with pictures and both of which I will upload here.

    Thank you very much!
    Quentin McKenzie.

    PS: I'm also from New Zealand. I'm from Christchurch.
    What the heck happened to you " if you don't mind me asking" for the Dr. to say that ? I'm always the last to know anything around here geewizz
    Kind regards
    Even though my doctor says I should only work on my bikes for an hour each day in order to avoid exhausting myself I still seem to be getting things done.
    Present Projects:
    Colombe cyclecar: (on hold until my health improves)

    Faux Rudge autocycle: Presently waiting for bits and pieces to arrive from foreign parts.

    HD/Solex front mount on a Wu Yang bicycle: Proceeding well despite the lack of instructions and confusing kit install parts.
    Hi Rick,

    Yes I am a lot better thanks. As you can see I'm still as keen as ever on tricycles.


    Anne (Intrepid Wheelwoman).
    When I saw the picture of the Hercules and the N.Z. address, I remembered corresponding with you - seems like ages ago - about trikes and motorized trikes. Hope you are feeling better as you head into summer.

    Rick Wasserman
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