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    1. scotto-
    2. mattp98
      hey I was wondering what is a good clutch for a smooth take off with a 212cc predator engine? I wanted to ask you because you seem to really know your stuff when it comes to motorized bikes!
    3. Codyjones212
      Hey do you work on harbor freight motors
    4. culvercityclassic
      I did cut and heat the spring. I think it was rated at 750lbs, it was too stiff
    5. Easy Rider
      Easy Rider
      On the shock spring that you modified for your seat, did you cut the spring?
    6. culvercityclassic
      Thanks Whiteboy...we are having a good time doing it....
    7. 1whiteboy
      still really love what you do with your sleds! mrmewhite1 aka 1whiteboy, newbie member, Ive researched all the threads. so very interesting! inspiring!
    8. Deiseldave
      Question where did u get that inset tank for the beach cruiser.... I cant find anyone who sells them
    9. usindian
      Do you have a larger photo of your avatar?
    10. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      Their is a message on my channel.. I made a spanner wrench for the nut on my rear shock and preloaded the rear spring too. It has always worked perfectly with my street geared sprocket..
    11. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      Congrats on the BoXer score! I cannot think of a more capable disciplined owner such as your self . You build nice bikes! That suspension is gonna spoil you real fast! I run through the city is all I ever do for being to big and heavy to off road it. I am a pretty big guy and I preloaded the rear spring a bit . This bike has been flawless for me. I wish I had one more of them.

      They are all I wanna ride. Should you wanna part with that bike let me know!! Ha Ha..
    12. ssmario1
      I just bought a motor mount for a 212 from AGK...part #2306.
      I don't know if I ordered the wrong part or they gave me the wrong one but it doesn't fit ....the holes don't line up. If AGK does sell it can somebody give me the part #?
    13. HollywoodHooligan
      hey friend so I am ready to get more into this worksman and I'd love some input from you
    14. slambert
      I contacted you on your "for sale" thread and you said you had that one plus two more frames that were for sale. I am interested in a frame and tank but I am looking for one that would have a low stance. I was wondering if you had a pic of one of those frames with the wheels on it or a complete one that you have built in the past from the same frame specifications. I just want to get a good visual. Also I was wondering if you could share with me your prices.


      Stephen Lambert
    15. rotary guy
      rotary guy
      Hi, my name is Ron, I posted about a dyno glide you responded yesterday. Would it be possible to speak with you by phone. If you like I would caLL YOU. Thanks Ron
    16. Blake84

      I just wanted to say it was great meeting you at the last ride and also that your bike was amazing. Look forward to doing more rides with you guys.

    17. Goat Herder
      Goat Herder
      Happy New Year!!
    18. Outrunner
      Hello Jeff,

      I'm not sure if you received my reply earlier, so here is my
      full name and address.
      Thank you so very much, I really look forward to getting those
      really cool flanges!

      Fred Glance
      1832 N. Creek Circle
      Alpharetta, Ga. 30009
    19. Robertriley
      What bikes do you have for sale right now?
    20. halfevil333
      hello meno,
      I must sincerely apologize for having never responded to you... not so great at navigating this forum-despite my addiction to it...the tank I used came form an old moped- a "snark" I believe. -TRULY! THATS THE NAME OF THE COMPANY, OR@ LEAST THE MODEL....bought on ebay, and made to work.
      in my honest opinion- would've been easier and cheaper to custom fabricate one...
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