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  • Hi Troy, they were great & over to quick. This weather is a killer though. Your old Whizzer looks good.
    By chance could u tell me why my chain keeps popping off I just got my kit that's the one prob I have and when its not popping off the master link is popping I can't even get the bike moving fast enough to start motor I need to try and fix this asap b4 I lose my job thanks
    That great Troy. You have a lot of different ways you can go with the bike, but at least you have a good solid base to start with. You take care and the bike is out in the shop and if you decide you want the clutch it is here also. If you don't want the clutch I am going to put it on Ebay :) Take care, Bob.
    Are you still willing to sell the sprocket, rag joint, and tank? Let me know the tooth count and we can arrange for payment and shipping.
    Hi, I have considered the frame Az Toker is using. I saw you sent him a PM concerning the frame. Is there an issue you know about with the frame?

    Thanks in advance,
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