1. E

    Sunlite springer fork

    hey everybody I'm thinking about putting a Sunlite Deluxe Springer Replica Fork on my 26 " cruiser bike with disc brakes. does anybody use this particular setup? or is there a better way i can go?
  2. olsmokeybeard

    vintage looking build complete!

    SHORT YOUTUBE VIDEO! last night, first photo of me on the bike! Long time since i've been on here guys! got a heavy-photo post for you to get you all caught up. so this is my second build, which went through a few changes along the way as you'll see. -finally running the pirate cycles...
  3. A

    Any way to improve lowrider springer forks?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had experience or advice for making the "lowrider" Springer forks stronger? I LOVE the look it gives my bike (combined with the dyno apes I picked up), and it makes riding pretty smooth. Just as long as I'm going in a straight line, that is.... As for...