Newbies: resolve your engine confusion!

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Sep 15, 2011
Los Angeles
Ok, some basic info I was confused by. first: all 4 of the 2 stroke engine kits are manufactured in China and then bought and re-sold under a variety of names around the world. Grubee, Raw, etc.. the exterior specs all the same! do not stress on which hardware and mounts will work. just which mounts will work for your bike. just get the engine on eBay from a reputable seller as they are all similar and have varied quality control. Pay no attention to RAW warranty unless you can assemble and test it within 24 hours of receiving it in the mail. Anyway, the engine mounts are made for a 1-1/4 inc frame, so if you have a beach cruiser or a lowrider with a 1-1/2 inch frame, you'll have to make your own mount or buy an aftermarket one. Sick bike parts makes a front engine mount that looks pretty cool if your gonna mount it under the fuel tank, and "boy go fast" makes a stretch cruiser/ lowrider complete mount which is pretty darn clean looking; and simple.
also, SBP carries beefier HD throttle assemblies that work on the stock carburetor as well as the high performance after market CNS carburetor.And also the high perf. air cleaners will work on the stock carbs.
Invest in an expansion chamber exhaust for power you'll want, and bikeberry has a very affordable one, whereas SBP has black or Nickel shiny. .
If you don't have a full shop with a bench, vise, grinders, welder, and specified bike tools, call and have them do it. it WILL be cheaper and quicker in the end. I am an ex motocross racer and mechanic, and having recently moved and setting my shop us as I start this build, I am wishing I had taken my bike to the Venice guy. He may not be a real "people person", but he's very talented from the looks of his site.
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