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  1. L

    Need help

    Hi guys my name is Luca and I was wondering what kit I should get for the 66cc 2 stroke engine kit. I live in canada Also there are so many kits like I am truly confused on which one to buy any suggestions. My budget is about 200 cad or 160 us on the kit. Also which bike should I get I don't...
  2. T

    What engine kit should I get?

    Hey Everyone, I'm going to be doing my first build here soon and I'm getting a little overwhlemed with all the kits that are out there and picking one out. What I would really like is a 4 stroke engine, but all the kits I see out there are very expensive and don't go very fast. What are your...
  3. Dogtown Burner

    Newbies: resolve your engine confusion!

    Ok, some basic info I was confused by. first: all 4 of the 2 stroke engine kits are manufactured in China and then bought and re-sold under a variety of names around the world. Grubee, Raw, etc.. the exterior specs all the same! do not stress on which hardware and mounts will work. just which...