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  • Happy Birthday Jake! Hope you are doing well, haven't seen you for quite some time. Get on back to the track and let's see what ya got. Look forward to seeing you soon bud.....wishing you well!

    #3 scotto- Yep, still #3 and there is a good reason for that. ;)

    (and not because I'm old enough to be yer Dad...lmao)
    Hey bro this is the guy that called ya last week about the skyhawk frame I would really like to order your setup on the rims, sprocket, n brake.still haven't received that adapter yet! Will try to call ya tomorrow. Till then
    (OG Biknut post):
    Traditional bicycle riders think we're cheaters. Non riders think our bikes are toys. Bicycle shops think we're a threat. Tree huggers think we're polluters. The police don't know what to think.
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