1. Alabama Motor Bikes

    Oil Ratio

    When you order your motorized bike kit the manuel says to put 16:1 mix and than 20:1, well I use 40:1 and It runs great. My first tank of gas was 40:1 mix. Should I use 20:1 or 40:1
  2. L

    Pick one!

    Howdy, I'm building a hill climber, not a street racer or commuter. There are so many brands and merchants selling motor kits now that it's crazy. I'm looking for guidance/tips on which kit I should select on a budget ;). 56 to 60 tooth sprocket Hopefully sprocket adapter If it's bad, I will...
  3. L

    Help! How do I put a two stroke motor on my bike if I have a rear disc brake?

    I recently have gotten intrested in 2 stroke bike motors and wanted to get one for my mountain bike. The frame was large enough and the tires were the right size, but I realized having a rear disc brake would be an issue. Is there anything I can do to get around this?? (Aside from taking out my...
  4. 4

    Good?Bad?Lean?Just right?Need bigger Jet?

    Spark plug reading?what does this reading mean?jet number #75 just installed? Plug and jet just installed took it for a ride down the road gave it some small revs riding Low and mid good,Smooth but at top end it acts little weird..ima say like poping but not really loud its from exhaust,Like...
  5. Christina

    Help Huffy Panama Jack Motor?

    I have a huffy panama jack that I want to add a motor too, all i know about this stuff it that I want around a 50cc engine for my weight. Any advise that you all could offer would be fantastic. I would be riding on mostly flat terrain and I don't need anything that goes super fast. And something...
  6. ilandz

    Many problems with chain drive system...

    I'm very new to motorized biking, having just finished turning an old 90's mountain bike into a speed demon. (or at least I hope it will be) The kit I got was a pretty standard 49cc 4 stroke from ebay. The biggest problem I've had so far is the chain that connects the belt drive to the sprocket...
  7. L

    Is this mount ok? (Not flush)

    The first bike I had was a nightmare after the bolts in the front mount broke one morning on my way to work, I noticed something touching my leg and looked down to see my motor moving side to side, as soon as I pulled the clutch in the whole motor jumped off the frame and locked the bike up at...
  8. B

    Dax Little devil f80 VS regular F80

    Hey, I've been looking for a good motor and i have decided on getting a kit from . I'm gonna mount it on a KHS montana mountain bike and get a 1 gallon gas tank. The only thing left is which kit to get. I was first thinking the regular F80 which is a 80/69cc motor. I'm pretty sure...
  9. TheNecromancer13

    58V electric chainsaw to power bike?

    So I'm thinking of making a bike with this electric chainsaw as the power source: It would require very little modification, as it already has a variable speed throttle, a clutch, and the...
  10. S

    new and looking to buy!!

    hello I am a new motor bicycler and I am very interested in buying/selling/trading these parts and accessories. currently looking for some gas engine kits email me with any detailsdance1dance1
  11. Deiseldave

    Everything Must GO

    I have 3 motors ( 2 Grubee GT-5's and a stinger.) , Custom made occ forks, occ motor mount, moped rear hub , skiptooth hub with custom hub adapter made for it with chain and peadle crank chain ring, motor cases , some internal motor parts, lots of goodies to go around ..... either add me on FB...
  12. MechRyan

    Really hard to pedal, new Bike Motor Kit, Not starting

    I don't know if it starts or not yet, but I am having a lot of trouble with just getting the thing moving, the bike doesn't even budge unless I am holding the clutch, and when I am holding the clutch it is VERY hard to pedal where I can't even make it out of my driveway. If I walk the bike, its...
  13. M

    Clutch Stuck - No Neutral

    First Post! Always wanted a motorized bike and just got a free motor but need clutch help:( Just received a 50cc 2stroke engine and parts from a friend, mounted on frame and started with a drill as it had been sitting for a few years. Motor sounds very good with very little vibration. Clutch...
  14. F

    Help with finding some 24" wheels please

    I'm building my first motor bicycle sort of retro classic style.Im using a phantom (felt style) tank frame with Monark 2 springer forks ,aged brooks springer saddle etc. But I am having trouble finding the wheels I'm after . I kinda fancy some 24" 5.0mm wide rims pref black or gold as I wanted...
  15. S

    Electric Cycle

    HI All, I am from Kerala of India, and interested to have an electric bicycle for my own local commute. Does any body know the best manufacuturer / suppliers in Kerala or India from where I can have one ?
  16. Henshooter

    Regular v premium

    Hey all , this has probably been posted before so please excuse and delete if so mods Just wondering what type of fuel you guys run , and the appropriate mix ratio for the type Me ,I usually run regular with a 16/1 for breakin and 25/1 mix for general running and although it does ok I thought...
  17. F

    KTM GP50 clone. Any opinions?

    Hi Guys. I have been doing some research on engines for my new build that you can see in the board track section. I was wondering what are your thoughts about the thats DAX KMT clone motor. It is 500 dollars, but you will be getting the 9 hp and so on. Maybe you could recommend something...
  18. B

    BonusParts' Genesis Astra 29er Build

    New build time! Seeing as i blammed a deer on the huffy (video link) I decided to build a brand new bike. I settled on the Genesis Astra Cruiser walmart sells for 185. (bike link) It's a 29er, has V-brakes, all aluminum. I've checked it out in the store and its a solid bike that just...
  19. K

    motorizing a foldable bike (HELP)

    Hey all, this is my first time posting to any sort of forum, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I'm a college student looking for a more convenient method of transportation, so I'm hoping to motorize (gas) my foldable citizen gotham 7 bicycle. Here's a link to the bike...
  20. K

    Engine runs very fast, then slow, before cutting off

    Alright guys, I need some help. I bought this bike off of craigslist less than a week ago, I have not had a peaceful ride on it since. Ever since I bought the bike, it had an issue where it will start going really well and driving perfectly, before it starts speeding out of control and then...