engine mounting

  1. S

    79cc Not Fitting Inside Frame

    Hey guys, newbie here. I recently purchased a 79cc 4-stroke engine kit to put inside a mountain bike. I got halfway done assembling everything and then did a dry fit inside the frame and realized it wouldn't fit. I'm afraid gasbike won't accept a return at this point so I was wondering if it's...
  2. D

    Help Please, mounting 4 stroke to Micargi stretch

    Howdy folks, I'm a mechanically inclined noob and I'm afraid I'm gonna be full of questions over the next month or so. I'm an old time schooler that likes his ducks in a row before beginning a project. I wish to motorize my Micargi Puma and will do so using a 4 stroke kit. I read...
  3. S

    Liquid Electrical tape on Mounting Hardware

    I saw on some posts and several instructional videos that you could use an old inner tube between the mounting hardware and the frame to dampen engine vibration. I was attempting to do this and it's difficult to get the inner tube in and keep it in place as you tighten everything up. And as...
  4. East82

    Tensioner issue solved for $5 and a hacksaw

    After toying with my first engine and now on my second, here are some observations that will help the noob (i.e. people like me who own just a few tools and aren't machinists). ~ Start with the sprocket, because it is the most tedious if done right. Get all the hardware set as perfectly as...
  5. Dogtown Burner

    Newbies: resolve your engine confusion!

    Ok, some basic info I was confused by. first: all 4 of the 2 stroke engine kits are manufactured in China and then bought and re-sold under a variety of names around the world. Grubee, Raw, etc.. the exterior specs all the same! do not stress on which hardware and mounts will work. just which...
  6. Dogtown Burner

    ram 80cc engine mounts for mustang?

    just took the RAW 80cc out of the box. mounts fit 1-1/4" frame , but my micargi mustang has 1-1/2" frame tubes. has anyone got any ideas on mounting? the enigine stud holes are 1-5/8"apart on-center so there's not much room for grinding out and widening the frame saddle of the mounting block to...