Liquid Electrical tape on Mounting Hardware


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Mar 20, 2014
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I saw on some posts and several instructional videos that you could use an old inner tube between the mounting hardware and the frame to dampen engine vibration.

I was attempting to do this and it's difficult to get the inner tube in and keep it in place as you tighten everything up. And as soon as you loosen things to adjust it falls out.

I had some liquid electrical tape and applied it to the mounting hardware and engine bracket and it worked really well. 2 coats gives you a nice layer of rubber that lets adjust things without scratching the frame or fumbling with old inner tube.

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Sep 15, 2008
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Do some reading here on the subject of rubber and engine mounting. It is a no-no.
Mount the engine solidly to the frame with no rubber or resilient material between the engine and the frame.

If you just want to protect the paint you can wrap the frame with a thin layer of vinyl electrical tape but not inner tube. You want the mounts tight and secure.
Rubber will NOT eliminate vibrations. It will transfer them to the mount fasteners and that will result in premature fastener failure. This isn't just my theory but has been proven time and again. Any experienced builder will agree.

Use the search feature, key word, 'rubber mounts' and you'll have plenty to read on the subject.