inner tube
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    Inner tube question

    After having my rear wheel rebuilt (bearings finally went after a few thousand miles of ME on it.) Anyway, I asked them to replace the inner tube with one like my old wheel had. VERY thick, heavy duty tube. The thing has outlasted two tires and the bearings. Well they didn't. First real...
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    Liquid Electrical tape on Mounting Hardware

    I saw on some posts and several instructional videos that you could use an old inner tube between the mounting hardware and the frame to dampen engine vibration. I was attempting to do this and it's difficult to get the inner tube in and keep it in place as you tighten everything up. And as...
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    fix a flat vs solid tubes

    So in the past few weeks between two bikes we've had four flat tires. I was hoping to here from some experience because I was thinking on buying solid tubes Though, I've heard they can have some wear on your this true? In the past I've filled the tube with fix a flat and it usually...