Locktite blue 242



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Oct 17, 2011
Perhaps this has already been posted or addressed, but instead of traditional locktite, they make blue 242, which is used for items that need to be removed later.



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Aug 19, 2009
San Diego, Kaliforgnia
There are different versions of Loc-Tite green. They are all intended to be applied after assembly. They wick into the threads. The 2 most commonly used are 220and 290.
294 is also available. A word of caution though, do not apply it the threads before assembly as the ability to remove the fastner at a later date can become very difficult.
I have dealt with many fasteners where someone had applied 290 0r 294 before assembly and the bolt might as well have been welded in place. Once while removing a clutch hub nut I had to heat the nut with an acetylene torch. By the time it got hot enough to soften the green Loc-Tite the temper of the transmission shaft was ruined. The transmission had to be torn down to replace the shaft which was way out of the customer's budget.

Moral of this post: choose the locking agent carefully and use it as directed or you may be very sorry in the future.