1. breath_easy13

    Stuck nut what do I do

    Throwing down some root beer, with some whiskey, tryin pull this bolt off, and the head snapped off. I tried the bolt to botl trick but my wrench is to big. Any ideas
  2. M

    What size / type of nuts are used to fasten the gas tank to the bicycle?

    For some reason, I did not receive the nuts for the gas tank in my kit, and I was wondering what type and size nuts I need to use to screw onto the gas tank stubs to mount it to the bike? I will be visiting the hardware store once I know this, or bring the tank to the store. I just joined this...
  3. H

    Rag Joint/Rear Sprocket

    How tight should the nuts and bolts be on the rag joint for the rear sprocket?
  4. East82

    Locktite blue 242

    Perhaps this has already been posted or addressed, but instead of traditional locktite, they make blue 242, which is used for items that need to be removed later.