1. East82

    Locktite blue 242

    Perhaps this has already been posted or addressed, but instead of traditional locktite, they make blue 242, which is used for items that need to be removed later.
  2. DuctTapedGoat

    Motor races - air leak/no compression and scoring.

    My motor just started racing the other day. I'm super upset about it. :( I swung by my buddies house to use his compression tester, and lo and behold - a whopping 80 PSI. So I'm thinking, bad rings, blown head gasket and got them on order (taking all my cash till payday). I dropped a teaspoon...
  3. nidyanazo

    What's leaking from the crankcase....grease? *pic included* Help diagnose

    This is leaking through the crankcase.. ..Seems like grease, possibly from the clutch shaft. There is a small piece of gasket missing there... Was thinking it is some assembly grease for the clutch shaft... Also wondering about using some RVT gasket maker sealant right there...