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  • Hi there, first off I want to say sorry to bother you. I have an issue with my 80cc seeutek bike where I have little to no power, pretty sure it's constantly 4stroking and lurching. If I give it more than half throttle it spurts a small cloud of what I can only assume is gas/oil from under the head at the same time loses power momentarily. I replaced the aluminum head gasket Salem issue help please
    Actually it isn't even the same frame, it has nothing but coaster brake boss on the rear, the GT2 didn't have a disc boss but it at least has V-brake bosses.
    Here is the thread where I learned the most about the "mag" coil:
    It is a good read.
    The "fiberglass" wrap is there to protect the delicate wires from accidental damage.
    The coil has 2 separate wraps on it. Both wraps have one end connected to an eyelet terminal that fits under one of the mounting screws. This is the "ground" connection.
    One wrap (the outer one, very fine wire) has the blue wire at the other end of it, the second wrap (the inner one, larger diameter wire) has the white wire at the other end of it.
    I have yet to cut up and rewind a coil myself. I decided to go with a battery powered light instead.
    Hey GearNut I'm wondering what happens if you take off the fiberglass wrap that comes on new magnetos? Is there 2 wires, one that connects to the white wire and one that connects to the blue? Any help is greatful! Thanks
    hey gearnut fellow san diegan here. im running a 125cc lifan on my bike, what has your experience been with the sdpd on running bikes bigger than 49cc? like crazy horse im using a schwinn stingray as my setup. any knowledge on harvesting parts from dirtbikes is much appreciated. thank you have a nice ride
    Hey having a little issue with my Chinese motor kit.i built it months ago but now when im riding it the motor is running but sometimes the bike isn't moving someone said it could be the clutch was working fine for a while till i tightened the clutch cable..since then this has happened 2 times..i font know if this would be related..but the motor runs and it turns over with no issues..i do notice when it happens i hear a high rev that's how i know its about yo happen...would this be a simple fix or is it not worth fixing? I look forward from hearing from you thank you very much.
    hello im trying to remove the sproket and clutch plate from a 66cc china girl bike in order to replace bearing on magneto side. i do not know how to remove the sprocket. i know i need a puller for the little gear could u please help me thank you
    That is a good engine. I have a pull start only version on my stand up go-ped and my daughter's pocket bike has the pull start/ electric start version.
    They are cheaply priced yet well made and parts are plenty available for them for maintenance/ rebuild or high performance upgrades.
    I am impressed by them enough to recommend one if you have some mechanical/ engine experience or are willing to learn. Both needed a bit of carburetor tuning to get them to run right, but after that was done they have impressive power for their size and I have not blown one up yet.
    hey gearnut! I have a question for you, is the monsterscooter 52cc motor any good? Also is it the same moyor as daxs new 3hp motor?
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