1. TheNecromancer13

    Chainring Bolts Unscrew Themselves Like Clockwork

    So I have a rear sprocket attached to an adapter that mounts onto a disc brake mount, and the chainring bolts that attach the sprocket to the adapter keep unscrewing themselves no matter what I do. I used threadlocker on them last week, and they still unscrewed themseves! They do it within a...
  2. East82

    Locktite blue 242

    Perhaps this has already been posted or addressed, but instead of traditional locktite, they make blue 242, which is used for items that need to be removed later.
  3. B

    Sprocket mounting bolts

    I'm wondering what the common setup is for the cheap engines people sell online. What diameter bolt I should use and if/where I need washers or lock washers. I bought a 66/80cc kit online and didn't get any bolts for it. Went to a hardware store and bought three 1/4" x 1.5" nuts/bolts to hold...
  4. F

    Broken engine mount bolt need help asap

    One of my front engine mount bolts broke about an eighth of an inch inside the engine mount. I tried using a grabit to get it out but that didn't work and it smoothed out the beginning of the threads on the engine. Can some one please help! Thank you. :-||