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Tom from Rubicon

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Apr 4, 2016
Rubicon, Wisconsin
Steve, #3,454
I never used cold rolled copper sheet and I expect it was "Work Hardened" as you used it. It acquires hardness with your hammer by as you know compacting the molecules.

"Triumph motorcycles recommended heating them cherry red, new or used, and water quenching them. Others said air cooling them was fine but the water quench slowed down oxidization"

We were 18's old and I don't think Rick Sorensen read much of anything.
We helped him to pass the written Constitution test.



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Jul 13, 2010
I wear gloves to keep sun off windsurfing. Maybe the are too small or shrunk. Irritated some area on one hand where my nerve pain is almost in check with meds. Felt burning and itchy but better a few days gone by. Gonna look for some other gloves. Also like carpal my hand had a problem with a water proof case I used to put in an already said submersible water proof Personal Locator Beacon for emergency. Get this it was just slightly moist in the extra waterproof box. Though back on land I could not open it without using a car key to pry the latches. That aint good when in the water I would have had trouble. Found another waterproof container Pelican Brand and it does not need a crow bar. I thought I was smart, maybe now?