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  • Hi Steve remember me? Haven't spoke in years, I have a normal looking motorized bicycle now (mountain bike) with a 200w bicycle motor goes OK, but I have a surprise for you, I have made a Board Tracker, I'm about half way through the build, if I knew how to send pictures to you I would, I have to go now but I'll be in contact soon, take care Michael (mick29)
    Hello Michael,

    Of course I remember you. Last time we spoke was April 22 2012 so yes it was a while ago. A new chap has taken the bike site over and it is greatly improved. A lot of the old gang that was on there years ago have gone on to other things. We can now post photos without any problems.

    I'm still whacking away at the tri car. You can reach me at [email protected] I'd love to see the bike.

    Hello ive come across a good running 1948 98cc Villiers 2 stroke on a mower with kick start -- email your address and I will send pics I can get it for work im doing but not sure id have patience to do a build --Robin
    Thanks for your info on Dave Bagne! I sent him an email this morning. If I can figure how to get pics off my iPad into the forum, I will post today.

    God bless you,
    Fasteddy its me mick29, im still around, weve had another baby sinse we spoke last how long has it been ? Ive sold my sidecar I made but kept the bike, Ived changed jobs still building caravans though, Ive been getting into flying RC planes lately I can now attually fly my planes with out smashing them to millions of pieces speak soon michael
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