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  • Hi folks! I'm brand new to motorized bikes. I picked up a Tanaka QBM-23N motor (has the square engine cover), but all the fuel lines and vent lines have been taken off. All that remains is the primer bulb on the gas tank. Okay from the primer bulb the fuel line should go to the "in" arrow nipple on the fuel pump, right? What's next?
    Hey Silverbear, been away from bikes for a bit and was thinking about you the other day..I see you haven't posted for a bit...hope all is well.
    Hey I got a 66 cc gt7 and it has a sound of grinding like it's in the clutch. The sound is work when I brake using my coaster break. Do u have any suggestions. It's really hard here in Los Angeles to find a pro
    How do you tighten the clutch spring on a 80cc jap peddle bike motor.i have tried new pads i know how to adjust the clutch it just wont pull tight enough to engage.i already disconnected the cable got nice new pads still wont engage tries a little but not enough.
    Jap crap
    Or is there something else it could be i have tried everything but a new clutch spring.its a new motor and i have had to fix everything on never buying one of these cheap ones about ready to throw it in the garbage and buy a new one.
    Jap crap
    Every time i fix one thing something else breaks every time i ride it.
    I just joined. I have a 48cc motor on a huffy beach cruiser. Me and my father have been working on it for awhile after it decided to stop running and he took of the air/fuel filter which ever one runs off the CARB.. and it started running like it did when I bought it. I was wondering what could be the cause of this? also is there anyway to make a air/fuel filter for it or do I have to buy one? also can I ride it in the rain with no problem without the air/fuel filter?
    Just joined. I bought a Schwinn Legacy 26 inch cruiser single speed and have ordered a grubee Skyhawk GT5 engine. Cant wait to get started. I wish I had read more of the post on this forum before ordering, but like most guys I hate to ask directions. I am sure there will be challenges. Seems like I read that everything is included in the kit, however, the instructions (downloaded from Kings Bikes) says to go to auto parts store and buy 8mm fuel line. Is it not included? Is there other things I will need to purchase? Thanks ahead of time. Bldr1000
    Jap crap
    There high maintenance.change the nuts and bolts first off.check everything take your time be gental don't crank on **** like we can do on american motors you will strip **** out.the chain sucks on all of the kits the sproket and tightner and head suck.the jap bolts a child could strip out.anyone on here your best bet is to just bye the motor and upgrade everything.
    azill; Dave31; silverbear;

    Sorry for this a multi-post. I saw something about multiple addressing just a few minutes ago but I can't find it again now.

    I need a charger and/or battery pack for my Golden Motor. I have a 36V 16Ah pack with a smart charger which shorted out last night and I want to get my bike going at the lowest expense and wait time. A charger would be the easiest route ($35 from Golden Motor), but I'm thinking of sacraficing my old dead 12Ah battery case to house 2 or 3 SLA batteries which would cost less in the short term. But if I can find a Li-Ion pack at a good price with warranty, etc., I would jump on it.

    Anyone know where in Tucson I could get a Lithium battery pack and matching charger?

    And what's the status of the Peterson brothers. I tried to call Ed a year ago and the phone number was disconnected. Who is the Golden Motor authorized dealer for Tucson these days?

    Thanks and hope to meet you in person some day,

    Hello dear friend, I have been wanting a very Merry Christmas in the company of his family and friends, lots of happiness are the sincere wishes of ourto side of the Atlantic. (be sure to see my post on Indian Tadpole trike)
    Jose pinto
    I can and i will contribute as much as possible. I a very smart and have a mechanical background. I appreciate you comment and you know where you might find thanks bud....
    Hello, I am also interested in purchasing a 1/2 to 1 gal. cylinder fuel tank. If you are still making these and are willing to make another, let me know. Paypal ready.

    Thank-you for your time,

    I am interested in purchasing a rear mounted fuel tank and have heard you are making them if you could send pictures to my email i would greatly appreciate it as my bike will be done at the fabricators this week and the tank is the last remaining component of this build. You can send all information to [email protected]
    Hi Silvebear! I was looking at the rear mount gas tanks you've made, I live in Australia and I'm really keen to have one if you're still making them?
    Silverbear hello, do you know anything about those monsterscooter 52cc motors? Are they any good, loud?
    Hi silver bear I'm doin a flying merkel build with charliechaindrive and was wondering if you had an idea of where we would be able to get a cheap or kinda cheap vintage motor or parts thanks choppercrazy.
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