Are all 2 stroke engines made in china?


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Jan 11, 2015
I am new to this and i am very confused. ThatsDax seams to be the top rated vendor on this site. But on this page it says that his engines are "China, Titan." What does that mean? I thought everyone said Chinese engines require a lot of work. does he just buy china engines and tune them up or what? how much work would i have to put into turning up one of those $100 engines on ebay?


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Dec 1, 2014
this is the difference between assembled in america and made in america.
a guy with a machine shop buys a motor from a manufacturer in china then builds it. the idea being that they would do a better job of assembly than the factory would.

on that page 'china' is being used as shorthand for the engine type they are sometimes also called china-girls. this means the basic 2-stroke single cylinder 49 or 66 cc motor often sold as 80cc.


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Dec 11, 2014
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hey man, save up a bit more and go electric ;) less maintenance. Brushless hub motors are also silent :)


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Dec 18, 2014
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If you have no expertise with small engines. Limited tools and no intention of remedying
that situation.
You should take Semaj's advice.
China girl power'd bikes are high maintenance.
Even if you run the best of the best parts.
It's a bicycle with a motor on it....... Kind of like a dog with wings.....
You ride all day , wrench for 1 hour that night. If your smart........


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Mar 15, 2014
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There are other kits like the rack mounts that can use the Honda or Tanaka engines as well as some frame mount kits that use Honda engines or their clones... It depends on what you want whether it's a small (or large) 4 stroke or the typical CG 2 smoker. There's also the KTM, Morini, and their clones that can be frame mounted, these engines offer the best power for their size, the quality is light years better, but they cost more and you need good welding and fabrication skills to get them installed since there's no kits out there that I know about for the Morini or KTM engines, but if you want a reliable frame mount engine and 9hp or more, this is the way to go.

Personally I'm running a China Girl on mine with a lot of upgrades and port work done to it and it's become very reliable after the engine has broken in and everything's setteld into place. I just do a quick once over about once a week to make sure nothing is come loose, wearing out too quickly, or getting ready to break etc as well as q quick walk around inspection before the first ride each day. That was a different story right after the install because things will work loose and require more attention, but that's typical with any new build...

The biggest maintenance done to mine lately has just been mixing the gas & oil and filling the tank