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    Finish my first build: 48cc Chinese kit

    Greetings. I'm new to bike building and I finished my bike yesterday. I had some trouble getting it together. The first real problem I ran into was the the front mount didn't rest correctly and was way too high, I managed some jury rigging by cutting the mounting bolts and welding it in once...
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    Clutch arm completely loose (and other problems during my first build)

    This was a long first time post about not putting in the bucking bar.
  3. K

    Total Beginner

    Hi all. I literally just got into this maybe a couple weeks ago and want to build by own motorized bike. I've heard that a weed whacker engine would work best, is this true? If so, is there a resource to show me how to install it? If not, what's the best option?
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    Need help

    Hi guys my name is Luca and I was wondering what kit I should get for the 66cc 2 stroke engine kit. I live in canada Also there are so many kits like I am truly confused on which one to buy any suggestions. My budget is about 200 cad or 160 us on the kit. Also which bike should I get I don't...
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    What bike/kit should I get?

    I am pretty set on getting a motorized bicycle and would like to know y'all's opinion on bikes and kits. I was considering the 26" Roadmaster Granite Peak and the IGlobalBuy 80CC kit. My budget is a preferred $200 but I could do $250 if I should because $200 will get me crap. This is my first...
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    Are all 2 stroke engines made in china?

    I am new to this and i am very confused. ThatsDax seams to be the top rated vendor on this site. But on this page it says that his engines are "China, Titan." What does that mean? I thought everyone said Chinese engines require a lot of work. does...
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    Would you like to help a bunch of teenagers go fast?

    Good evening, My name is Nathan. I live in South Dakota and I often attend my boy scouts class. We were given the assignment of building something, anything. We all agreed on building a go kart or a motor bike. We chose the bike, naturally. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to be trying to...
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    Ahoy from Long Beach!

    Building a motorized bicycle is EXACTLY the kind of project I think I'd love. I was a bicycle commuter for about 11 years until I got the kind of job that I "had" to drive to. Now I have a spare tire that doesn't fit on my bike (or in my jeans) and I've recently gotten back into bicycle...