1. L

    No start up on a 80cc engine

    I have a spark, and the piston moves when I pedal with the clutch untouched. It sound like it wants to start or that the piston is moving extremely fast either way no start. I've been trying different things going on some forums. I've replaced the magneto, cdi and spark plug. Although I the fuel...
  2. alex-star

    From Russia with love

    Hello everyone! I'm a motorcycle enthusiast from Moscow, who recently sold his 650ccm beemer to start a new two-wheeled-hobby. Me and my old friend have recently purchased a couple of frames to build fancy motorized bikes. It happened so we both choose Nirve B-1 because of a reasonable price and...
  3. I

    Are all 2 stroke engines made in china?

    I am new to this and i am very confused. ThatsDax seams to be the top rated vendor on this site. But on this page it says that his engines are "China, Titan." What does that mean? I thought everyone said Chinese engines require a lot of work. does...
  4. Shorty Frog

    4-Day Magneto life on China "specials"?!

    Ok, so what we have here is a 66/80cc china engine, no nomenclature(of course).First bike and I had it for maybe a week and was still tuning; just broke in...Tho all the while during initial break-in, it seemed to "hesitate" or misfire, which i credited to breaking in, and my novice familiarity...
  5. Das Chicken

    Motorized bicycle pre-speed run maintenance

    I plan to make a top speed run tomorrow, what kind of maintenance should i do to ensure my bike doesn't fall apart on me? I have a 48/49cc HT with a SBP shift kit hooked (7 speed) up to a specialized rockhopper. Any suggestions for wheel-bearing maintenance? I'm pretty sure bicycle wheels aren't...
  6. J

    Grubee 66cc magneto ignition winding output voltage?

    Howzitgoin' eh! I'm just getting my 66cc China Girl together, and have a used CDI unit I want to use. I have tested the magneto with an ohmmeter and it appears good (330 ohms). Rotor magnet is strong too. I'm using a variable autotransformer (variable voltage AC supply) to test the CDI...
  7. Das Chicken

    48/49cc HT bicycle engine problem

    This all started back when i was reading this: So after reading up on that forum, i decided to change out my piston pin bearing (by this time, my bike had a little more than 500 miles). So i bought this...
  8. A

    Is the DAX F80 chinese made?

    See title :)
  9. Ruby478

    Pirate hp adapter

    whats the difference between the standard pirate sprocket adapter and the hp version ? which one should i buy cause im a big guy and i run a standard 66cc 2stroke china.......... is there really a difference between the two?
  10. D

    Cheap Chinese Parts!!

    I bought a cruiser. I bought my kit, and had dreams of running it that day. 40 bucks in extra parts and a week in later I'm thinking of personally pulling a John McClain on China. Y'all have been a great help with this forum. I've had to fight this thing ever step of the way, and I had such high...