4-Day Magneto life on China "specials"?!


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May 24, 2014
USA east coast
Ok, so what we have here is a 66/80cc china engine, no nomenclature(of course).First bike and I had it for maybe a week and was still tuning; just broke in...Tho all the while during initial break-in, it seemed to "hesitate" or misfire, which i credited to breaking in, and my novice familiarity with this newly discovered gadgetry(moto-bikes). Since break-in was done i adjusted carb. and still seems to miss, so i checked the seals/bearing in case and gasketry all 'round and no leaks visible...idk ANYWAYS to the point. After break-in i cleaned the oil from around the spk plug(yes it had leaked there, just constantly trickled oil out of it nicely(maybe thats where my miss,i:e,in form of losing compression,is?) and had only black-taped the cdi and magneto wires together after twisting, no solder,connectors or anything,and thought i had wetted them...but it crank and run for maybe 10mins after washing off the head, so...then it just died(while idling). I get no readings frm cdi or mag with 1 meter, and cdi does register on my other meter, tho this current magneto dont on either.Be mindful the engine has rubber betwixt it and frame, kill switch is grnded to the blk wire on magneto/cdi..There is no "frame" grounding and could that matter,regardless of what i've read saying naw?? Ebay sending a new 1 for like $11/free ship, so its comin alrdy..any ideas, suggestions, or sage wisdom on any of this to prevent future functional qualms? TYVM--Dan p.s sry for the ramble, its complimentary of course! :-||
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