1. Shorty Frog

    4-Day Magneto life on China "specials"?!

    Ok, so what we have here is a 66/80cc china engine, no nomenclature(of course).First bike and I had it for maybe a week and was still tuning; just broke in...Tho all the while during initial break-in, it seemed to "hesitate" or misfire, which i credited to breaking in, and my novice familiarity...
  2. PatTheThird

    No Spark!

    zptLadies and gentlemen, I have a Grubee gt5 SkyHawk 66CC kit. Engine runs good and starts immediately when it starts at all. After a particularly windy rain storm my bike wouldnt start no matter what. I replaced the plug and cap since they were included in the kit. When that didnt work i...