1. D


    I'm pretty new to these 2 stroke motorized bicycles, but have developed a passion for them, but I've been plagued with some serious vacuum leaks using or should say reusing my not carburetor My engines ran great, had 2 of them, one a straight 38 mm stroke engine, no mods, the other was a 40 mm...
  2. J

    Ktmc 49cc build

    Was wondering how hard is it to build a bike with the thatsdax 49cc 9 hp motor ?? Any threads videos of one or pictures would be great looking forward to this new build ihve been recently buying the gt6 racing motor was thinking about buying the gt80 motor from kings but wondering about this one...
  3. I

    What is the HP of ThatsDax engines?

    Does anyone know the actual hp of the F50 and F80 engines? The KTMC 49CC is 9 hp, but i don't know how accurate that is. BikeBerry claims that its cheapest 66/80 cc engine is 5-6 hp. But that seems kind of high considering it is 7/25th the cost yet 2/3rds the hp of the KTMC.
  4. I

    Are all 2 stroke engines made in china?

    I am new to this and i am very confused. ThatsDax seams to be the top rated vendor on this site. But on this page it says that his engines are "China, Titan." What does that mean? I thought everyone said Chinese engines require a lot of work. does...
  5. PatTheThird

    ThatsDax rt High Performance Carburetor

    I have used both the NT and CNS. Both were fairly tempermental and neither performed very well, especially at high RPM. I just installed my Dax rt 15mm carb. I have heard that its a clone of a 15 mm Dellorto carb. Going to the Dellorto website pretty much confirms this. They look just alike...