2 stroke

  1. Sleeeeve36

    My BBR Tuning Bullet Train Kit

    Heya! New to the forum, and bike kits in general. Wanted to post a couple pics of my build. Really happy with how it turned out as I haven't done anything like this before. Heck, I have enough trouble trying to get the snowblower and lawnmowers working as it is but so far so good here! Ive made...
  2. B

    The build

    Ive had this thing nearly a year, broke it, fixed it, broke it again and fixed it again, back and forth. Only trouble at the moment is spark plug boot likes to bounce around at "top" rpms My top speed a while ago was in the 30,s im down to 22, with very simillar exhaust to what i run right now...
  3. F

    Huffy Verona fitment

    Hey everybody, I've got this Huffy Verona Comfort Series frame and I was wondering if it would fit a 66cc 2 stroke engine? Pictures uploaded has a Predator 212 and the BikeBerry 2 stroke silhouette for scale. I was thinking of buying the California Motors Wildcat kit and eventually the SBP...
  4. P

    SMALL FRAME!!! I've already bought the thing! 1st BUILD HELP :(

    So I planned on whacking a 2 stroke engine kit from eBay onto a push bike and couldnt find any decent hybrid bikes in my area. I walked into a well known local bike shop and fell in love with one recommended by the owner - A Python Quantom 8000 Men's hybrid bike. I fell in love and purchased on...
  5. G

    Would someone help me please? Throttle Assembly...

    I just bought a kit and decided to install it on a new bicycle for myself. I've instalked for people but never owned a motorized bicycle. My question is about a throttle assembly. I bought a new Scwinn Solara road bicycle and it has the curved racing numerous speed handlebars on it. Picture is...
  6. L

    Hello from S. Wis. Building a Murray Beach w/ 3 hp Tecumseh 2-stroke.

    Hey all, a lot of my Google searches for info kept bringing me here so I thought I would join!! I have a Murray Beach cruiser w/ 3-speed rear hub & coaster brake. I also have a need light little 3hp Tecumseh 2-stroke off of a Toro snowblower....I'm looking to get these two hooked up. I was...
  7. B

    Bikeberry Builds Complete Motorized Bike Free Giveaway

    Welcome to BikeBerry Builds! The show where we take new or old bicycles and overhaul them with the latest engine kits and performance parts. But that's not it, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to take home your very own Micargi Pantera Motorized Bike Build because at the end of the...
  8. U

    Building A Motorized Bike (New Here)

    Hello There Everyone the names Amir and I'm new here :D (This is going to be a pretty long post, BUT I would really appreciate if you could read it, If not go to the end where I bolded everything) So let's start off, Since last year ago I have been looking over YouTube and forums on building...
  9. Quintin

    2 stroke 80cc bike not running well

    about a year ago, i built a 2 stroke 49cc kit. ran excellent, no problems. at least until the engine seized. bought a new engine last week (80cc), installed it, got it running, but it doesn't run well at all. the only thing that has changed is the engine. when i rotate the idle needle on the...
  10. Kaden

    Air leak???

    Hey guys, It’s my first post here although I’ve been following threads for a little over a year now and have built 3 motorized bikes in that time the newest one being a bbr tuning frame and mag wheels with a GT5 SkyHawk with shaved down cylinder head, stage 2 CDI, motocross flexy poopoo pipe...
  11. J

    I've done everything and still no start

    I got a 2 stroke, 80cc kit a couple weeks ago and built it in a day or so but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to start it almost everyday and I get nothing. I pedal, get some speed, ease on the throttle and pop the clutch and there is not even the faintest semblance of engine combustion...
  12. J

    RT Carb leak.

    Having some issue with the RT Carb leaking around the banjo of it and can't figure it out. I put a new washer around the banjo, put a hose clamp on the fuel line and still leaks. Tried tightening as much as possible, no luck. Have no idea what else to try besides putting some permatex around the...
  13. L

    Need help

    Hi guys my name is Luca and I was wondering what kit I should get for the 66cc 2 stroke engine kit. I live in canada Also there are so many kits like I am truly confused on which one to buy any suggestions. My budget is about 200 cad or 160 us on the kit. Also which bike should I get I don't...
  14. EffortlessCruizers1

    New Member-Semi-Pro Builder

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to take a second to say what's up to everyone on motorized bikes! If anyone has questions about 2 stroke motors or installation or even tuning, I'm here to help! Happy Cruising! Weston @ Effortless Cruizers PS.Check out the website: effortlesscruizers.com...
  15. L

    Specifically Where to Use Blue Loctite?

    I'm going to be building my first motorized bike soon, and have heard this stuff works wonders. I'm just completely unaware of which bolts to use it on. Also, any other suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  16. N

    Best frame for dirt-bike-esque 2 stroke kit

    I'm planning on getting a 2 stroke 66/88cc kit with a SBP jackshaft and i want to basically have a mini dirt bike. I'm looking for a base bike that's 7 speed and maybe has fat tires. If anyone's ridden in loose dirt with a normal mountain bike vs a fat tire your opinion on whether a fat tire is...
  17. J

    Engine won't turn over.

    I've recently purchased a 66cc motor from the internet and installed it on my bicycle. It ran great for about 15 minutes before refusing to turn. It seems to be the front drive sprocket (the smaller one) that just will not budge no matter what I do. Considering sending the engine back for a...
  18. Paddy

    China dolphin harbour a80 (62cc) CDI REPLACEMENT

    Hi guys, having trouble with my engine its a china dolphin harbour a80 (62cc). I have ruled any other causes and found the problem to be the CDI. Anybody know any good replacements and what price range im looking at? Thanks!
  19. C

    Brand New Chinese 66cc kit won't start. No spark(?)

    i bought a brand new generic Chinese motorized bike kit off eBay the other day. It's a 66(80cc) kit with a slant head. After installing it I couldn't get it to start. I'm sure it's getting fuel because the plug is wet when I pull it out. I've checked for spark multiple times and I only SOMETIMES...
  20. I

    How many miles does an engine of these specs have left?

    How long did your china girl last? How many miles did your 66/80cc 2 stroke engine last? Where did you buy it from. How many miles did it go before you had to replace a part? What was the part?