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May 23, 2019
I just bought a kit and decided to install it on a new bicycle for myself. I've instalked for people but never owned a motorized bicycle. My question is about a throttle assembly. I bought a new Scwinn Solara road bicycle and it has the curved racing numerous speed handlebars on it. Picture is below. The Motor kit I bought is an 80cc 2 stroke kit and has the standard handlegrip assembly. Now, i like these handlebars and would rather not switch to a straight one. What would be your advice as to go about installing a throttle assembly? I would like it to look clean and tidy lol. If you suggest thunb throttle assembly or handbrake throttle assembly would they work and where do you suggest I order it from. Below are the Bike and Motor Kit.

Thank you and anu feedback is good feedback!!! Screenshot_2019-05-23-03-24-25.png Screenshot_2019-05-22-11-10-20.png


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Oct 18, 2015
look into a thumb throttle. Mount it where you can reach using your regular hand placement (normally on the brake hoods) and then wrap your bar tape around it. Just one idea.
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Oct 3, 2010
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Personally, I wouldn't do that combination at all. The sheer backpain involved in any ride isn't worth it. Plus the geometry of twisting the throttle on a road bike isn't ergonomical for the human being. So, If you're dead set (for some reason) on a road bike (for some reason), I'd change the handlebars out for street or mountain bike bars, just for geometrical reasons. Otherwise, I'd get a mountain bike, or a cruiser, or a hybrid.

That's my $0.02. I hope it helps
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Jun 16, 2014
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You'll probably need to unwrap the right side handlebar inboard of the right side brake-lever to install a trigger control.

I for one am not keen on using triggers or anything that resembles a brake lever for a throttle control on a kit built motorized bike. You'll also have to fabricate up someway to operate your clutch lever. These handlebars get cluttered very quickly if you start mounting lights, cyclometers and phone mounts, in addition to the two extra controls.

In panic situations there's the chance you might grab the throttle by mistake. It's easier to roll off the throttle with a twistgrip control, which is why fellow forum members here are recommending going with upright bars. Having a single lever to operate both brakes on the right is the standard practice also, Sunlight and Whatapart both sell these brake levers.

Both of my motorized bikes have twistgrips, but then I've been a motorcyclist most of my teens and adult life. Your chosen bike is not the best choice for a motorized bike, there's equally good MTB's and used upright bikes for sale that would be better for frame dimensions and quality of wheels and hubs. As a motorized road bike with an 80cc engine you're putting a substantial strain on parts designed to handle human power levels. The sidepull brakes this Schwinn is equipped with will have less effective braking than a set of V-Brakes or discs.

Brakes are essential on a motorized bike.

Edited to include a link to a new bike I just recently did an assembly and tune up on. It struck me as a half decent motorized bike project, It's almost twice as expensive but it has many features that make it superior to the Schwinn roadbike you listed. Plus it's upright bars and large 'V' type steel tubing frame that these CG engines require to mount securely. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Schwinn-...hguid=01679890-d95-16af1a26fa2efe&athena=true
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