1. P

    high rev start

    hello :) after repairing some stuff on my bike and when i went to try, it started but like it was full throttle. it did a little wheelie and the chain snapped out. i barely touched the throttle when starting it, just that tiny stroke to get the engine running. i changed the intake manifold and...
  2. L

    First build: No Idle, No Throttle, No Power, hope?

    Hi everyone, I am BEYOND frustrated with my motorized bike. I finished assembling my bike yesterday and it starts - but just barely. I peddle up to about 5-10 mph and release the clutch to engage the motor. The motor engages but there is absolutely no power whatsoever. There is also no idle -...
  3. breath_easy13

    governor removal and "little pin" pred 212

    Finally getting started on the pred 212 build. Prepping the engine for a vert install and mikuni carb, i went ahead and removed the gas tank, carb, and throttle linkage bar (if thats what its called) and now im left with this little pin you can see below. I've been told i need to remove the...
  4. G

    Would someone help me please? Throttle Assembly...

    I just bought a kit and decided to install it on a new bicycle for myself. I've instalked for people but never owned a motorized bicycle. My question is about a throttle assembly. I bought a new Scwinn Solara road bicycle and it has the curved racing numerous speed handlebars on it. Picture is...
  5. O

    Throttle Body Assembly FUBAR?

    Good day, I bought a black motor from from a seller named ktaxon for 99 dollars. I have a problem with the whole throttle body assembly I think. TLDR at bottom. I took the clutch cable...threaded it through the "swiveling bar on the engine" (please tell me the name of this part)...
  6. neiltannis

    Revving and bogging

    Hey there motor bikers!! Happy new year and all that jazz. I'm banging my head against the wall here on my 3rd build. Starts up great when fully choked, but begins to rev like crazy when choke is switched off. The engine also bogs when throttle is turned. I can't find any air leaks, carb...
  7. I

    Another keihin question

    I am sometimes not a very smart guy. I lost the throttle spring washer that holds the needle down. Does anyone know where I can get another one?
  8. M

    Should my throttle have tension/ go back to the original starting position?

    Should my throttle go back to the original 0% throttle position when I let go of it? It is now doing that now, and before I start riding it I want to make sure it'll work right.. Any ideas on how to do this? Also, my drill is for some reason not drilling through the handlebar so I need to figure...
  9. A

    No throttle response at Low End

    My China girl engine has terrible low end throttle response. The RT carb is way better than the stock carb but low end is so bad if I don't constantly rev the motor it dies. Sometimes when the motor is hot it will run at high rpm without me reving motor. A cold motor with full choke has a...
  10. R

    CNS cone filter HP throttle cable too long

    I just got a new CNS high. Performance carb and after I installed it the action was OK except for the throttle cable after returning to idle the housing pushes out of handle housing 2 or 3 inches and both ends have the permanent set slugs agjustment???????please help!!!!!!.shft.
  11. A

    Multiple problems: Engine Mount, Throttle, and Muffler

    Hi, let me start by saying that I am not too savvy with mechanical parts. That said, I've tried my best to make my HT engine work but even so I really need your guy's help. Engine Mount Firstly, the engine has never fit onto my bike (front tube is WAY too fat). I removed the front mount...
  12. M

    Throttle won't do anything

    HI guys I'm new at this motorized bicycle world, so be patient. I got everything set up and it all looks good. Everything is doing what is supposed to be doing. Except the throttle. When I start riding and let the clutch go. The engine starts to run. But then it starts to choke, I try to...
  13. domster66

    No throttle control, kill switch no work!

    Hey so I just recently got my CNS V3 carb to finally work but the new problem is that when I start it, I just take off with no control of the throttle and I can't kill it with the kill switch because I'm not sure how to connect it. So I have to stop by holding the brakes, and wait until it shuts...
  14. AnneAbuse

    Can't fit assembly back into carb

    Somebody borrowed my spooky and the throttle cable snapped. They brought me a different cable that was was from a different bike and still all connected to the pin assembly/barrel/slide/cap so I traded out the one I had . Problem is now I can't get the barrel back into the carb! The one I...
  15. O

    Throttle & Handle Help - PLEASE

    I have just bought a kit (crappy one from china).. we have the engine mounted, and now when we try to put on the throttle, it is WAY too big for the handle bars, but heres the confusing part, the left handle fits perfectly. Am i missing something? Any help is appreciated a ton!
  16. H

    throttle issue

    everything on my motorized bike is working EXCEPT.. when the motor kicks in, twisting the throttle does nothing. the engine will run until the bike slows down enough that the engine dies. when twisting the throttle it stays where ever i set it and it does not spring back like i think it is...
  17. DuctTapedGoat

    NT Carb Stuck Barrel Diagnosed!!!

    So, I just killed my NT carb in a sense. It still works, but it's cracked where it tightens on the intake. When it's tightened too far, the barrel won't go in. When it's loosened, the barrel will go in, but you can only tighten it to a certain point before the barrel sticks, giving the...
  18. merchant810

    grubee skyhawk reaches maximum rpm and revs out of control

    so this is my first post and my first purchase. I have built a occ chopper bike and everything is in position. I purchased the grubee skyhawk and am so lost on how to fix my problem. First of all my bike only runs if choke is all the way down on the gear shifter style. if i move up at all it...
  19. A

    Need help... Motor not accelerating....

    I have a RAW 66/80cc motor was running like a champ than around 180 miles into use, the bike does not accelerate past 25. I have tried new spark plugs clutch level and clutch itself appears to be fine. To describe the feeling its as I accelerate I hit 25 feels as if I am pulled to slow down...
  20. T

    I cannot get my throttle to work

    My throttle does not wokr and i dont understand why i have tried to take it apart but that didnt elp. :( any advice is greatly appreciated..trk