Orri Jonsson

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Dec 9, 2018
Good day,

I bought a black motor from from a seller named ktaxon for 99 dollars.

I have a problem with the whole throttle body assembly I think. TLDR at bottom.

I took the clutch cable...threaded it through the "swiveling bar on the engine" (please tell me the name of this part) and pulled the lever - works it's time to do the throttle...

One look at the throttle handle...this is super cheap chinese junk...oh well - I unscrew the "cap thingy on the carburetor" (please tell me the name of this part) and the spring, pin, and washer came out along with the plastic thing. I threaded the throttle cable through, compressed the spring, had the needle going through the plastic part that holds it all together along with the washer, hooked up the throttle cable on the plastic part and let the spring go. It went inside, held the washer (which was lined up with the cable btw) and the needle in place...Then I threaded the other end of the throttle cable (with the nipple on the end) through the throttle handle housing and hooked it onto the throttle handle - then I put the throttle handle inside the housing and took a look: there does not seem to be enough throttle cable to allow the throttle handle to twist more than like 10-15% of the this normal?? Also, the throttle handle does not "return" to its original 0% throttle position on its own - i have to move it manually back...I dont think this is I look at the carb hole and when I twist the handle I do not see any parts moving...I see the needle inside though and I'm sure I put everything together correctly. To be sure I decided to try reversing the plastic part that holds the needle and washer and same thing. Also when the throttle handle assembly is put on the handlebar and screwed tight the handle will not move at all...but the handlebar seems to fit perfectly inside the throttle handle???

TLDR; i think my throttle cable is too short because it won't allow the throttle handle to move more than 10-15%.
Also, the handle does not return to its original position on its own (I thought that's what the spring in the carb was for...) -
Also, after assembling the carb thingy where the throttle cable goes in with the needle and all that junk...i pull the throttle (only moves 10-15% because cable is too short I think) and nothing happens inside the carb. I'm sure I put the needle and washer and spring and throttle cable in correctly.
Also, when the throttle handle is mounted on handlebar and screwed down tight you cant twist the handle at all.

1.) Do I need to buy a new throttle handle, cable and carb?
2.) If so, does anyone know of a high quality carb and throttle handle (preferably made of metal) that they can link?
3.) Are the parts for these engines compatible across the different brands? (The motors all seem to look the same).
4.) Does anyone have any ideas on how to break a chain and remove links and put back together without a chain tool? (I really don't want to have to buy a new tool that I'm only going to use once).
5.) Does anyone have any suggestions on "upgrades" that I can make to the motor? Not just performance, but higher quality parts and stuff. New bolts and nuts?
6.) Does anyone have a link to a page or something that lists the exact sizes of all the nuts and bolts and washers that come with these kits? I'd like to buy some replacements and higher quality ones. I'm a little sketched out on the safety of all this i'm riding and some cheap chinese bolt breaks and I fall off a bike at 35 miles and hour....OUCH...

This was a long post and I apologize but I just wanted to be thorough and have all my concerns, questions, etc. answered in one place.

Thank you dearly my fellow motorbikers.