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  • Hi Greg
    You said in one of your posts that you use Lucas.If it is the oil additive i'm quite familiar with it.Never used it in a 2 stroke.How much per gallon Carburetor Al
    I use Lucas semi-synthetic two stroke oil mixed at 32/1.
    carburetor al
    Hi Greg58 I am very sorry that I missed your reply! Thank you! So it looks like just gas and oil,no additives.
    Looking great, Greg. Time to enjoy the fruit of your labour.
    Just saw a 39 Buick century on a buy and sell site, was a really cool looking front end.
    I spent nearly 6 weeks on my buddy's 59 regent,repower from fan blade to diff. Now is floor shift and console. Bucket seats. Retrofitting is a real challenge. Power steering was very difficult.
    But honestly i would rather work on this old stuff for less money than the head gasket job i just completed on a 2007 pontiac.
    hey thanks....yea ive already gotten rid of the front fender, braces held pretty well, it was the center bolt in the fender at the top that wore through...'sigh" i really liked having the front fender...oh well...updated the head and went with the puch hi compression head and added a better thing is going to be the carb, probably a delorto clone, the cns v3(i think) that came with the motor is garbage i cant get it adjusted, i believe its the air fuel was capped, i drilled it out but, still will not adjust exactly right...the reason i think its that is( i know this will sound strange) but if i cut the fuel off to the carb just before it runs out of gas it runs unbelievably well...any thoughts?
    Good looking bikes Greg...glad to see a fellow southerner in the motor bicycle community, not alot of us around down here. Do you have any problems with the law on the roads? or do you stay off road mostly? I just got my bike out for first time this year yesterday and today is suppose to be nicer!...come on sunshine!!
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