suggested upgrades
  1. M

    Looking for suggestions for a new motor

    I'm looking for suggestions on my next motor as my last one seized, im looking for one that is quick but can climb decent sized hills. I weigh around 130lbs so weight transfer is almost non existent imo. My last bike ran around 32mph on a 44 tooth at 80cc sprocket. Im looking into the 100cc 2...
  2. SoughtAnarchy

    Newbie here! Looking for suggestions to mod my new kit

    So, I recently bought this kit: I threw it on a brand new beach cruiser and it was riding fine for a day or two. Then the chain tensioner came loose and broke my spokes. (I'm...
  3. O

    Throttle Body Assembly FUBAR?

    Good day, I bought a black motor from from a seller named ktaxon for 99 dollars. I have a problem with the whole throttle body assembly I think. TLDR at bottom. I took the clutch cable...threaded it through the "swiveling bar on the engine" (please tell me the name of this part)...