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  • That onex 29 is a huge bike, it's comfortable for my long legs.
    A short rider would need a ladder to get up there.
    Aw thanks.
    A lot of old guys (like me) seem to like it. A fancy BMW with agrey haired guy chased me all over til I asked him why he was following me. He wanted to talk about the bicycle. He thought it was a whizzer, I think.
    Old dudes like it a lot. ;)
    Thank you! I've put a Fred Head on it since I took those pics, I'm also going to put a 15mm intake on it so the carb will fit on better and hopefully will run better too. I'm waiting for delivery. I have about 1500 miles on this engine. Real fun to ride!
    Thank you, sir for your kind words on Tanglebones, which I still consider a work in progress. Next fresh paint and clean up my wiring and cables. Still nothing like your blue banana bike!.
    Thanks, allen standley.

    And I recognize you, too. Your posts are good natured and helpful as well. It's good to have such folks around.
    Easy fix case leak. Allen head bolts barely fit into holes. Inserted them into a drill and ground the diam of head down on bench grinder a little so they would seat proper.
    First hint of spring time weather here in central Maine yesterday. Took 4 bikes out did 10mi on each. It appears the SAIL has a case leak (seepage between halves in front) which may explain the lack of oomph.
    I meant to do some tensioner installs - still too darn cold in the garage. here we go into the second week of April and received 2 in fresh snow last night. Temp been averaging low 30s. I'm as mad as a dog over it and sick sick sick with cabin fever...
    Well, bear in mind I am not in any way an expert,, so it's very much down to suck it and see. I can't advise conventional epoxy as I know from experience that they start to become soft above 80C and will eventually fail. I've worked in places where it was a regular maintenance job to split things, clean them up and reapply.

    What you can get are the toughened 2 part acrylics, with different cure times. They have a major advantage over epoxy, as they go to 150C happily and are less fussy about surface cleanliness when applying.

    If you're going to use a high strength adhesive as a retainer between threaded components, I don't know how much grip you'll get fron the small surface area you have, and if you want to dismantle it and it hasn't failed, you can treat it as stuck for ever.

    Do you have pictures of the parts and how you want to do it?

    Did the front fender, in frame electric, and now mocking in rear fender. Taking pics as I go when time permits I will add to the Sail Album.
    Duane says "soon as you see second hand models for sale-then you know you're money will be safe." I gotta agree with that.
    I am so close- commitment to the 3 wheeled Elio. Just gotta wait and see. If I go in it's gonna be all in. Release has been set back twice. I can't risk ... I watching this.
    Im really digging it, and as much As I would totally like to throw some money at a backup bike (been peddling 16 miles a day for school x_x) Its all 100% Tied up in my current Ride.
    I tried to talk my room mates into one, but they are strapped for cash as well. Its too bad, that 200 up front isint a bad deal... unless it turns out to be a bust.
    Also I realize this is different, but I waited 4 years to get my Bullpup Stock Kit for an SKS because I ordered one when they were in pre preduction like the storm... then they ran into a bajillion issues and I moved 6 times. But in the end I got it and Im happy with that one... just dont know if I want to potentially wait 4 years for a bike that I was planning on riding soonish.
    Haha Yeah, I am lucky. My wife is getting me a new cylinder head for valentines day! :D That will put me close to mounting and getting the final pieces to make it run. Last is the drive train and wiring yaddayadda
    Me motivated too! Wife gets irritated when I hang around too much. So do I. I started build #15 An inexpensive mountain bike. Disc Frnt and rear. I'm so hoping I get the Top Hat sprocket adapter from Kings Sales and Service. I've dealt with him before whole deal was a fail! All good ... no money lost but money was tied up for almost 3 mnths. Hopefully he will redeem himself. So Your doing an engine and I'm doing a bike prep to stay away from the wife til June or so. We stay in touch.
    Thanks, it's good to hear from hear from you, I haven't ridden since the snow has been piling up, but it has motivated me to do more to the engine, and I should be done by early to mid spring!
    It's so exciting to me that there are others in Maine with this hobby! I know someone locally who has a motorized bicycle, he is going to bring his over so I can check it out and get an idea of what I'll be getting into :)
    I work at Napa here in Machias, so bits and pieces that will help keep everything tight are easy to come by! My wife, oddly enough, know's A.graham haha. I always have enjoyed building things and repairing small engines. Since I currently have little access to metal fabrication tools, I am limited to what I can actually hack and re-engineer. BUT one daayyy I will build up a good collection! Thanks for the support! I have a bike rack now so once I get a motor and plop it in, maybe we could have a field day somewhere in between here and (Insert your town here) :D I will update as soon as I place an order for that bike heart ;)
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