1. L

    Pick one!

    Howdy, I'm building a hill climber, not a street racer or commuter. There are so many brands and merchants selling motor kits now that it's crazy. I'm looking for guidance/tips on which kit I should select on a budget ;). 56 to 60 tooth sprocket Hopefully sprocket adapter If it's bad, I will...
  2. B

    New member

    Hi from South East North Carolina. Just received my 4 stroke motor kit and will start on it tomorrow. I bought a sprocket adapter that fits around the rear hub. Im not new to mechanics but I will be looking for some sort of instruction. Any suggestions?
  3. J

    I've done everything and still no start

    I got a 2 stroke, 80cc kit a couple weeks ago and built it in a day or so but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to start it almost everyday and I get nothing. I pedal, get some speed, ease on the throttle and pop the clutch and there is not even the faintest semblance of engine combustion...
  4. C

    What bike/kit should I get?

    I am pretty set on getting a motorized bicycle and would like to know y'all's opinion on bikes and kits. I was considering the 26" Roadmaster Granite Peak and the IGlobalBuy 80CC kit. My budget is a preferred $200 but I could do $250 if I should because $200 will get me crap. This is my first...
  5. M

    Where to buy a 66cc engine only?

    I am looking to buy just an 80/66cc engine, with everything ready on it and no assembly required. (with mounting parts etc.) Also, for a fair price and trusted seller/website. Where should I look? Thanks
  6. M

    What kit/engine to buy for fairest price?

    Where and what kit/engine should I buy for the fairest price? I already have a cheap ebay kit that costed me 130 dollars, and it was labeled as being 80cc... which i know really means 66cc. Is it actually 66cc though or is it 48/49cc???? I need to know. Anyways, I am having trouble getting my...
  7. Bearded War Machine

    So I've read a few threads on here about how terrible gasbike seems to be. But I've also heard from several people that they're decent kits. I'm curious. They're having a "sale" right now (which I know isn't a deal really) for a 66cc kit for $188 (after calif. taxes). I'm interested, as I'm not...
  8. G

    HD axle kit freewheel unscrewing itself

    I bought one of these HD axle kits from gasbike with the freewheel for my 4 stroke engine bike. The first freewheel unscrewed itself after 5 minuets of riding. I got a replacement and the same thing happened again! I put it together correctly, the issue is the freewheel unscrews from the inside...
  9. G

    kingsmotorbikes Grubee 4G T-Belt kit

    I originally decided to buy a Grubee 4G T-Belt 4-stroke when I saw it on Bikeberry... sold out! Kingsmotorbikes was the only place I could find that had it in stock, and had a reasonable price too! So basically, I spent $400... I got the kit, that's it right? Wrong, I was hoping this would...
  10. S

    Electric Cycle

    HI All, I am from Kerala of India, and interested to have an electric bicycle for my own local commute. Does any body know the best manufacuturer / suppliers in Kerala or India from where I can have one ?
  11. H

    SPB Shift Kit and Chain Bounce on terrible roads

    I am really surprised that one other guy and I only have this problem. Let me explain the issue. I have the SBP Shaft Kit installed on my Giant Stiletto Chopper. When I ride the roads of Boston, I frequently lose my chain. The problem isn't with the kit but its the derailleur chain bounces...
  12. BuddyVape

    bmx 410 chain with shiftkit for mountain bike how to fit??

    I ordered the shift kit for my mountain bike... It came with the 410 bike chain it is a bmx single speed chain... It is about 10-12" shorter then the chain on my motorized bicycle so I can not install my shift kit is anyone else having the same problem and how do you hook it up?? .shft.
  13. T

    Mega Motors 66/80 Vs Flying Horse 66/80 Kit

    What would be the best choice between these 2 motors? I've decided to go with CD instead of FD, but now which kit...:-||
  14. H

    Vintage bike bug for sale!

    Up for sale I have a vintage 1970's Murray "The Dude" ten speed bicycle with a Bike Bug Kit mounted on it. The bike is in nice shape, rear tire is checked but I rode it around and shifted through the ten speeds. The bike comes fitted with a Chrome headlight, taillight, rear wheel generator...
  15. J

    Ways to disconnect drivechain from motor

    Hey all, I recently got a 66cc motor up and running on a mountain bike frame. I love it, but there is one thing that I wish I could change: I hate the fact that my whole drivechain rotates no matter what. I am trying to find a way to disconnect the chain so that during long downhills...
  16. L

    Can't find engine kit for my trek

    Hello, I purchased a lime lite bontrager about a year ago. It is a wonderfully riding bike but I wanted to throw on a gas powered engine on it. Problem is, I can't for the life of my find the right engine kit for it. I understand that this is the place to go, as it seems the people here really...
  17. R

    just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

    So I just ordered 50cc flat head 2 stroke motor kit from BGF a few days ago to put on an old bike. I have been preparing the bike this weekend, I have all of the tools ready, I moved the front brake lever to the right side temporarily removed the rear brake's cable and handle until I can get a...
  18. A

    Anyone still sell to California?

    I'm trying to obtain an engine, but no one will ship to California. RAW engines was purchased by some other company (same as Zone8), DAX has been out of stock for months (and will be for quite some time), Venice Motor stopped selling kits...and now I'm left in the dark! Does anyone still...
  19. Ruby478

    spooky tooth?

    has anyone ordered from the new spooky tooth owners yet?
  20. T

    NT Carb Kit??

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where i can buy a 2-stroke kit that comes with and NT carb? I have looked around and I can't find anything. I found a site that said their kit comes with the NT, but when it came it had the CNS which I cannot figure out. I don't really want to keep buying NT carbs...