SPB Shift Kit and Chain Bounce on terrible roads


Oct 30, 2008
Boston, MA
I am really surprised that one other guy and I only have this problem.

Let me explain the issue. I have the SBP Shaft Kit installed on my Giant Stiletto Chopper. When I ride the roads of Boston, I frequently lose my chain. The problem isn't with the kit but its the derailleur chain bounces wildly causing to remove its self from the front sprocket. This causes all sorts of issues, chain breaking, derailleur suck, general bike breakage.

When I take the bike out of town like a more rural area, Lebanon, PA for example. I never have this issue. But those roads are pristine.

Well will researching using internally geared hubs to resolve this issue. I came across a post in another forum. This guy came up with a solution he made a triangle shaped bracket the will "hold" the chain within a defined area. This allows, is the chain can move just enough to not affect shifting but it keeps the chain from bouncing all over the place while under power.

This guy has a much better explanation and fix. I will be implementing this shortly and testing it out as soon as it warms up a bit.


If anyone else has experiences this issue please chime in.