1. L

    Thinning rag joint...?

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forum. I'm working on my first build and finally finished it up but realized my chain alignment was really bad and creating this "popping" noise. The only way I can see to bring the drive sprocket and rear sprocket into alignment is to thin the outer...
  2. ilandz

    Many problems with chain drive system...

    I'm very new to motorized biking, having just finished turning an old 90's mountain bike into a speed demon. (or at least I hope it will be) The kit I got was a pretty standard 49cc 4 stroke from ebay. The biggest problem I've had so far is the chain that connects the belt drive to the sprocket...
  3. Memy1251

    Drive sprocket won’t turn

    So this is my first build, and once it was all together, I found that on disengaging the clutch the bike would not roll but what little slack the chain would allow before the chain would run out of play and snag. I’ve gone through clutch re-set and cleaning procedures, such as cleaning the pad...
  4. S

    Chain problems

    I have had bike chain problems for a while now, often when I hit 50km/h one of the links will just come apart and my chain comes off. I have fun out of spare chain parts to repair the chain this time. Im wondering if there is a better chain I can get for the bike and where can I buy a chain...
  5. A

    Chain is not aligned properly between tensioner and rear sprocket. Help?

    I'm working on my first build at the moment, just surpassing the stage of mounting everything. After mounting the tensioner, I rode the bike around to see how fluid the whole chain assembly was. Everything is working fine, except for the tensioner which is slightly diagonal in relation to the...
  6. Lenamarie81

    Chain broke how do I get it off the clutch sprocket it is hard .

    My chain broke I'm in the process of installing a new one how do I get the chain off the clutch sprocket help please!
  7. Nehmo

    Where is the freewheel on Jackshaft kits? Recommendations?

    I assembled an m-bike with a 44-tooth rag joint rear sprocket. I thought I did a meticulous job installing the sprocket. (I did choose dish inward instead of dish outward. I went with a recommendation, but I believe I shouldn't have now.) The tensioner (attaching as a cantilever to the...
  8. Baby man

    Chain loose then tight

    So i got myself a new hyper bicycle with a new 66/80cc motor. After awhile of riding I felt that my chain had fully stretched so i tried to tighten it up again. While tightening I found that the slack of the chain would change to loose and then tight when I would spin the wheel so I figured...
  9. S

    Chain METAL snapped.

    So i've had my bike with the stock chain running for probably 11 months. Its been through summers and winters. Today i was riding and all of the sudden a huge WHOP and a smack on my back. The chain flew up, slapped my back, and flopped around. i quickly turned around back to my house (instead of...
  10. H

    Pedals are locked up

    I bought a motorized bike recently and its been great, my friends and i love to ride them around due to our town having a lot of bike lanes. I've run into a problem with my chain/sprocket. When i try to turn my pedals the wheels and chain refuse to make a full turn. I've read through some other...
  11. L

    Engine Locks When Clutch Lever Is Released

    I'm not sure what the problem is here. When holding the clutch lever the chain spins freely as it should, but when I let it go to start the engine, it completely locks and I can't pedal or spin it at all. The engine is brand new, I've never started it. This is my first, so any help is appreciated.
  12. B

    Chain Problem!

    My chain is shaking and hits the spokes. How can i fix it? Can i put a metalplate with rounded borders (so the chain don't grabs it) to protect the spokes or will it destroy the chain?
  13. A

    Chain problems

    Hello, My son and I built a motorized bicycle and the back wheel doesn't move, My son says he can hear it happening under the base plate where the chain goes in the engine. When I look at the chain sprocket on the engine it seems to be getting caught on the base plate itself, I tried to ride it...
  14. M

    Part of chain is hitting lip of chain tensioner wheel

    What should I do? I have my chain tensioner centered almost perfectly so that the chain isn't on one side more than the other and come off part of the rear sprocket, and also, I have the tensioner wheel set a little above so that the wheel spins, but since I don't think my rear sprocket is...
  15. M

    Wheel/pully on Chain Tensioner not spinning?

    What should I do? loosen the nut? I have it set down to the lowest height anyways....
  16. sergeak47

    im a!

    My rear tire is touching the chain on the left side, the one that is attached to the motor. Please help:-||
  17. Patchy

    Kickstarting a China girl I can kick start my bike now! Got a new 36 tooth sprocket, removed my broken shifter and put my regular bike chain on the lowest gear. No more annoying petal starts! On a side note, clean your chains. All the goop is from both my chains.
  18. M

    Exploding chains

    Ive assembled a wonderful motorized bike and managed to figure out pretty much everything to make it work, with a little help from the forum. It runs great and it goes pretty well too, however I've only put 11 miles (as stated by speedo) on it and I've killed two chains already. The first break...
  19. M

    Will this full suspension bike hold a motor?

    Hey guys, sorry about that last post without any pics, I guess a moderator got to it first and had it deleted. Anyways here's a picture included. I saw this mountain bike on craigslist and I'm wondering if it's possible to mount a Chinagirl without too much fabrication involved. Thanks...
  20. R

    Sprockets and such. Second noob post of the day!

    Ok, so I've never built a chain driven bike before and I have a question concerning the sprockets on the rear wheel. How can I keep the pedals attached and functional while adding another sprocket to the back wheel for the engine to drive? If I just slap another sprocket on it, It would still...